Ransom is...A six piece band who, sounds more like metal than alot of the so called "rap rock" bands out there. Inspired by heavy amounts of whiskey, Our emphasis was on the music being heavy before anything else. Tired of the latest limp bisquick copycat then check this out. Heavy old school metal guitar riffs, two singers, one who growls and sings, rapper/mc, and a rumblin' rhythm section. Check it out...


Horse is a heavy rock group from Denver, Colorado that slams out an electrifying set of original music with a captivating presence drawn from the talents of four exceptional performers. Originally formed as A Band Called Horse, the group made its name along the Front Range as a first-class metal band and a favorite of the local music scene with the debut of "Free Thinking Society" in 1999. The band has evolved and matured through the years, writing new music and performing at venues large and small around the metro area. Fans old and new were treated to US Metal in 2010, the band's second CD and another triumphant presentation of mind-blowing metal. Still shredding in 2012 with original members Gregg Stone (aka Uncle Nasty) as lead singer, the one-and-only Donnie Crisp on guitar and back-up vocals, and the animations of bassist Doug Tackett, Horse now welcomes Denver legend Rich Carlson as their new drummer. The combination of powerful vocals, jaw-dropping guitar riffs, thrashing bass licks and precision drums is a testament to the enduring vitality that makes this group a Denver heavy metal icon.


Frank is a Denver based rock band that formed in November 2012. Our only mission here is to make music that we love and to share it with the people we adore.

The Dawn Chose Orion

We are a progressive melodic trance metal band from Denver, Colorado USA. The name and the idea of The Dawn Chose Orion was originally formed by Seth Early (Vox) and Brett Erfman (Synth) in the late 2000's as an ideological tribute to Homer's 'The Odyssey.' As time went on the rest of the band fell right into place: Patrick Hall (Lead Guitarist), Rob Penna (Lead Guitarist), TJ Pendell (Bass), and Daniel Cintron (Drums) to form the full progressive metal sound of The Dawn Chose Orion.

$6.00 - $7.00


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