Single Red Cent, Zac Taylor, Future Selves, Johnny Arco

Single Red Cent

A trio of native New Yorkers these three lads from Manhattan and Queens congregated in (where else?) Brooklyn in the fall of 2010. The songs came quickly and they had enough of a set to start playing out in December of that year.

In May and November of 2011 they recorded a 7 song demo in two stages at a friend's studio in Greenpoint in May and November of 2011.

On the heels of that demo they played live consistently throughout Brooklyn and Manhattan (Trash Bar became a second home to them, hosting them 5 times!) ultimately garnering enough attention to have the Village Voice proclaim:

"What NYC's Single Red Cent bring to bear is a raucously unkempt garage punk. The mealy chicken-wire guitars, the messily dissatisfied lead vocals, the sense that this trio had to cut their demo in a condemned tenement seconds before a wrecking ball came crashing through: It's all there. The songs on the group's demo bear names like 'Scared,' 'Dilettante,' and 'Get Out' and give the listener a pretty good feel for where these guys' heads are at. It's the stuff of promise, of potential, or at least the potential to blow away one's demos in a live setting."

Zac Taylor

Zac Taylor has been making wise cracks for audiences in venues, subways, and parks around Boston, NYC, and Atlanta for the last few years. In recent months, he's kicked things up by adding horns, a swingin' rhythm section, and some filthy electric guitar, dubbing the band Zac Taylor & The Drugs. Think Ben Folds' playfulness with some gritty Telecaster. The debut record 'Salesman' is set to be released this spring. Produced by Berklee's own Ben Gebert, the vibe of the record has raw, tube-crunched guitar, rollicking drums, and some old school Wurlitzer to round out a jazzed-tinged, in-your-face pop-rock sound.

Future Selves

alternative rock band based out of long island, new york. we are your future selves.

Johnny Arco

Johnny Arco is a New York based vocalist and violinist - and the founder of Greenroom Brooklyn; a place to showcase and promote performances by extraordinary local talent.



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