Wild Rose Harmonic, Crash The Lights

Wild Rose Harmonic

Wild Rose Harmonic was a project started between two composition students Trent Prall and Max Perkins. After adding Neal Cragg on bass, the band began to record their first EP as 'Casual Romantics', soon adding guitarist, Tyler Phelps to the roster, and rounding out their sound by adding Nikki Mihelich on cello. After playing a few shows as 'Apparitions,' the 5 members decided to add violinist Jen Stenson and change the name for copyright reasons, and so Wild Rose Harmonic was born.

Crash The Lights

Formed by Wisconsin native Eric McKinney in the spring of 2012, Crash The Lights is a fresh band out of Madison WI, that features a unique spunk and sound that most people can respect as the music takes them from rappy verses and screaming breakdowns, to acoustic high pitched melodies and flowy percussive interludes. The debut album ("Crash The Lights") was recorded and performed by Eric in the summer of 2012, and released on December 21st 2012. The album features performances by Michael Patrick on electric guitar, and Michael Greenberg on lap steel. Such songs as "Think A Lot", "Only Dream" and "Champion" offer a variety of styles with an after tone accent that only Crash The Lights can provide, and have gotten attention and recognition from fans all over the world. Currently, Crash The Lights is busy playing shows, catching radio attention, and engaging with there ever expanding fan base. Eric is currently working on another Crash The Lights album which release date has yet to be announced.

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