Bleeding Rainbow

Bleeding Rainbow

Nevermind the constant threat of a cease and desist letter, when Carrie Brownstein tells you that your band name is weak, you change it. But it isn't as simple as a name change for Philadelphia's minimal noise pop duo Reading Rainbow, significant line up additions facilitated the adoption of a new moniker. So...drum roll we reintroduce Philadelphia's Bleeding Rainbow, now a full-blown, Brownstein-approved, rock quartet. The name better represents the band's evolving sound and is all around more badass and trippy as sh*t. The founding members, Sarah Everton, who moved from drums to bass to give her vocals a better chance to shine, and vocalist/guitarist Rob Garcia are now joined by Al Creedon on lead guitar and drummer Greg Frantz.

With the inclusion of two long time friends and supporters of the band, Bleeding Rainbow has not only freed itself from the limitations of a two-piece, but given themselves a chance to delve deeper into the mood of songs and allow for extended instrumental sections ("Drift Away"). A more collaborative songwriting approach has resulted in more complex songs, but that does not mean they are without pretty sounds or pop moments. So while Yeah Right opens up easy and welcoming ("Go Ahead"), the end will leave you feeling as if a wall of noise has permeated through your body ("Get Lost"). Bleeding Rainbow set out to create something beautiful from harsh noise, and Yeah Right succeeds wildly at doing just that.

Cinderella MOTEL

LA-bred Cinderella MOTEL combines the eclectic madness of 70’s punk, the amped-up attitude of garage rock, and the sly sensibilities of 80’s pop to create a soundtrack for all of us who want to live life cranked to eleven. CM creates a captivating wave of sound by melting eccentric audio arrangements, breakneck tempo changes, and subversively carnal and profoundly whimsical lyrics with JFR’s wailing guitars, Guerrero’s thunderous drum chops, Robles’ thick-filled bass licks, and Tomahawk’s full-force growling, howling yet lady-like vocals, heavy rhythm guitar, and occasional punk-styled accordion.
"Put it Out" and "Little Girl's Room" (from the band's LP "Automatic Pleasure") are being featured on a split 7" sponsored by Sino Tequila this summer.
The band is currently in the midst of writing their next record.
"Cinderella Motel’s thrashy old-school squalor owes a huge debt to black-dressed songstresses of the past — fans of Siouxsie Sioux and Joan Jett, take note..."
- LABuzzBand's Kevin Bronson
"...a more strung out, more fuzzed out version of The Kills. With aggressive punk chord changes, almost riot grrl like vocals and a general feeling that things are not going well."
-- Pop Stereo


"No matter one’s age, their fuzzed-out tunes have no place in the life of a real “grown-up.” Perhaps it’s because Jessie Waite and Kevin LaRose sing their melodies with a hint of twee. Perhaps it’s because the songs from their self-titled EP could perfectly be the soundtrack for one of those movie scenes where a bunch of teenagers throw a wild party while the parents are out of town. Whatever the source of exuberance may be, Spaceships and their reverb-drenched vocals, chugging electric guitar and solid percussion do the job if you ever need help reverting to a young punk again." - Buzzbands


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