Rooftop Turnup with FKi

Who would have known that two teenagers engaging in a classroom squabble over Jay Z and Nas would become one of Atlanta’s most comprehensive music duos? No one knew, but I’m sure a slew of fans are glad it happened. History has shown time and time again, that through turmoil arises harmony and rapport and FKi are indeed an instance of this.

FKi, comprised of Raye Rich and 1st Down, maintained their friendship through high school and even college. They went off to Florida where they both attended Full Sail University for audio engineering. There they were able to continue building their friendship through the love of music forming what we know today as FKi. Once they returned from graduating and earning their bachelor’s degrees they began working, but not as artists. They relied on their skills as audio engineers to really get their foot in the door.

After engineering for quite a few people and better building their craft, FKi had the opportunity to work at Collipark Music; Atlanta based production studio and record label responsible for artists such as Ying Yang Twins, & Soulja Boy. It was there where the two met Mr. Hanky who then introduced them to Travis Porter. One thing lead to another and FKi saw their selves in Mr. Hanky’s basement where the production of “Make It Rain” and “Bring it Back” were brought to life.

FKi began to get their productions placed with various artists, such as Ludacris, Iggy Azalea, Cash Out, Juicy J and more gaining them even more popularity. They had also been releasing songs of their own allowing fans to recognize them, not only as engineers and producers, but as artists. Before they knew it, the two were doing shows all over the United States which included the opportunity to showcase their talent at A3C in 2011, South by Southwest in 2012, and joining A3C for another go round in 2012. 1st Down was even invited to join the producer’s panel during A3C 2012.

FKi’s sound is so extensive that there is no genre to put it in. Their music is definitely a heterogeneous sound of glitch hop, hip hop, bass and trap music. This sound was completely revealed in their mixtape Tranformers N The Hood Presented by international DJ/sound curator Diplo, Atlantans Heroes x Villains, and Mayhem [Feb. 1, 2012]. They have said to have drown inspiration from various producers and artists such as Timbaland, Daft Punk, System of A Down, Jay-Z, Gucci Mane, Wacka Flocka, Lil Jon, Mr. Collipark and Feist. And the influences don’t stop there. FKi are due to release a follow up mixtape to TNTH early 2013. This is only the beginning, but so far FKi are a force that can’t be stopped.

PBC is a hip-hop duo consisting of Big O (Atlanta, GA - writing/production/recording) and JB (Denver, CO - writing/engineering/recording). Now centrally located in Los Angeles, CA they are working with some of the hottest names in popular music and production. Their latest project, the "Bout That Life: EP", a collaborative project with DMV artist Moeazy, was produced by FKi (Travis Porter, Tyga, Rick Ross, Wacka Flocka, Ludacris, Jeremih, Lil Wayne) and introduces a brand new genre of urban music... TrapGold, a mixture of Trap music and Dubstep. They have also been in the studio with producers Track Bangas (T.I., 2 Chainz, Yellawolf), Blair Taylor (Virgin Records) and Pro Reese (Chief Keef, 50 Cent, Snoop) working on their debut "solo" project/vlog "The Beginning". Follow PBC on twitter @TheRealPBC for the latest news and show updates.


Since 2008, Devan "GridLock" Martinez has been hard at work mastering and developing a characteristic sound that has made him the break through artist he is today. His classical back-ground combined with humble beginnings has transformed this trumpet player into the Basshead-dubstep-mad scientist artist that has played shows in Arizona, Colorado, Illinois, and Las Vegas.

Starting at the age of 6 Devan was recording Mariarchi bands in his basement and writing drum parts for his favorite songs. As he continued his education Devan continued to write music for his high school marching band, their symphonic orchestra and helping record and produce his favorite local bands and arrange for new comers.

Upon meeting Chris "GODLAZER" Caligaris Devan's musical endeavours took on a whole new image and he began performing as "SWAN" in local bars, clubs, house parties, and school events. As his name grew so did the bad publicity that was associated with that name and some of his previous colleagues. Early 2012 brought a new wind to the producer/composer and a change was made.

GRIDLOCK was born.

Since the inception of GridLock, Devan has worked on several releases and plans to release a solo album in the next year. For now he has been at his house in Westminster Colorado on an unknown project, but it was said that we will be hearing from him in coming months.

Dexta is a budding artist protruding from the talent filled Denver, Colorado. At only 19 years old he stands to make big waves in the EDM industry. With spinning at The Roxy theater and Club Vinyl, and with only focusing his talent back to music in September of 2011, he has come so far in such a short amount of time.He is definitely one to look out for in the future.

The Digital Connection

The Digital Connection is the musical alias of Ricky Shine. In 2008 Ricky Shine age 18, a boulder resident for life, was living in the heart of downtown Denver, where he was exposed to the vast dance music scene. Attending club Beta and other shows almost weekly, the desire to be behind the decks grew even more. With a background in playing bass guitar with several local metal and jam bands, this new found passion of "bass" music seemed like the right direction to go. The first songs were made on FL studio under the name "Stucatto" and can mostly be considered Electro House style. His friend Guam was the first person to introduce Ricky to the world of mixing. The first live DJ performance by Ricky was a house party, which was thrown by the soon to be the Got Bass Music crew in the spring of 2009.
During the summer of 09 Ricky dubbed himself the alias "The Digital Connection." The first track made under this name was an ambient track called "Waking Awareness" which featured a clip from artist Alex Grey. After a month or so of developing a new style, he was introduced to the program Ableton Live, and the ability to mix tracks using the device APC40. This opened up a whole new world of possibilities by allowing him to bring the songs to a live set. After a while Ricky started DJing house parties and personal shows for friends, which eventually turned into playing for crowds of people with Got Bass Ent. only a few months later.
The Digital Connection has performed in many small clubs and bars in the Denver and Boulder area including The Mix, Mini Bar, Diamond After Dark, The Marquis, Cervantes, and even the A-Basin resort. Recently with the self release of "The Space Man E.P, The Digital Connection has received a lot of attention from music blogs, websites, and music labels. With Ricky's passion for all kinds of music, you can expect to hear anything ranging from down tempo ambient tunes to dubstep and glitch hop bangers in his live set.
Live instruments are also being added into the mix with a live drummer as well as live bass and synth to bring out the full experience of DC's music.

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2 floors of entertainment every Wednesday with rotating crews on the rooftop. Global DJ Academy battles on the 2nd floor.

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