Exhumed presents Remote Control - hosted by director Jeff Lieberman!

Remote Control - hosted by director Jeff Lieberman!

1987 / 35mm / Dir. Jeff Lieberman / 88 min.

Fans of 1980s sci-fi cinema--and those nostalgic for the glorious video store era--will not want to miss this rare screening of a forgotten gem. Kevin Dillon (most famous from the television series “Entourage,” but we’ll always remember him as the kid from Heaven Help Us and the Blob remake) stars as a video store clerk who uncovers an insidious extra-terrestrial plot to brainwash mankind via hypnotic VHS tapes! Picture an amalgam of the movies Clerks, They Live, and Ringu, and that will give you some idea of what to expect from this clever satire of the video craze of the ‘80s.

This special screening is hosted by genre favorite Jeff Lieberman (director of Blue Sunshine, Squirm, and Just Before Dawn), who will be on hand to introduce Remote Control, as well as do a Q&A with audience members following the film. Be sure to catch this one-time only event!



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