Troy (of Legends Live Forever) is a San Francisco Native Born & raised in the Fillmore district. Troy is currently 1/4 of the Group Legends Live Forever formed in 2006. They have released a Total of 7 Mixtapes throughout the Bay Area & are looking to continue to represent The Fillmore & San Francisco as a whole! Working with Artist such as Big Rich, Bailey, Jay Ant, and a host of other Bay Area representatives has given Troy his respect amongst those he has come in contact with.

With the host of mixtapes from the group Legends Live Forever such as "Againsts All Odds" which was featured on as well as selling hard copies in stores such as Amoeba & Rasputin which featured the 2008 hit "Lean" which received over 250k views on worldstarhiphop. To the "None Like Us" series which brought you "Rose Petals" (also on worldstarhiphop ) and a host of other great songs that blessed the ears of listeners.

Troy has strived to grow as an artist every project which has lead him to releasing his Debut Solo project "Til Death Do Us Part" which released June 2013.

EVENODDS Take ‘No Days Off’

San Francisco’s very own EVENODDS, M­A and D.E.O., return to Brick & Mortar Wednesday, July 2 with a live performance of their sophomore album, “No Days Off.”

The Frisco natives are known for their soulful musical production, which is not too often heard in today’s hip hop scene. Embodying the definition of “the grind,” audiences relate to the duo’s reality and hustle-based lyrics.

The new album “No Days Off” features Bay Area artists Erk Tha Jerk, Martin Luther, R.O.D., Deltrice, HBK Rossi, Yung Lott and Planet Asia. The soundtrack for the night will be provided by Hot 105.7’s DJ H Holla.

EVENODDS has had three videos featured in rotation on MTV Jams and it can be expected to see at least one more debuted on the station from the upcoming album. Always working to bring unity to San Francisco, these two truly put on for their city.

This show is the last installment of their series, coming full­circle from their debut headline performance of their freshman album, “The Revision,” at Brick & Mortar two years ago.


Glitterface formed from the collaborative effort of the Martinez brothers. Ferris' creative lyrics compliment Torin's impressive compositions and come together with dual harmonies sure to enlighten.

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