The Pinstripes

The Pinstripes

After nearly two years and almost a dozen skillful musicians, Cincinnati's The Pinstripes release their pop / reggae / soul masterpiece I, an album that breaks down genre barriers from a band that has been said to “change your perception.” {Cincinnati Citybeat}

The band, led by multi-instrumentalist Michael Sarason (lead vocals, tenor saxophone, organ, piano, flute, percussion), is literally a who's-who of the bountiful Cincinnati music scene. Showcasing an unparalleled group of musicians that are astonishingly skilled beyond their years (most members are in their early to mid 20s), The Pinstripes have been actively performing and touring since 2003. Although the band has seen some positive adjustments, there is no denying that the current lineup, featuring Chris Grannen (Bass + Stick Bass), Matt Kursmark (Electric + Acoustic Guitar), Leonard Murcia (Trombone + Vocals), John Bertke (Drums + Percussion) and Sam White (Trumpet + Vocals), is undeniably the best to date.

The Echo Cellar Rockers

After a series of events a lehigh valley reggae group called the heavy beat found themselves disbanding. Jed and Noah spent little time out of the studio though and shortly after found a drummer and a keys player to join the crew.

With a dedication the spirit of the "vintage" or "old-school" sound, and a passion for writing and recording in our studio, we're not wasting any time getting some tunes recorded. And with more gigs being booked for this summer it's time to make way, we are the Echo Cellar Rockers.



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