BONZ - New band formed by the former front man of Stuck Mojo, "Bonz"

Stuck Mojo trail blazed the rap-rock genre by melding their heavy metal-bred Southern heritage with a frontman (Bonz)who bled hip-hop. Formed in 1989 by guitarist Rich Ward, Stuck Mojo set out to experiment with this genre-blending musical hybrid, inspired by bands such as the Red Hot Chili Peppers, Faith No More, Run DMC and Black Sabbath. When Stuck Mojo's first release, "Snappin' Necks," appeared in the mid-90's via Century Media, they were something of a phenomenon to some and a question mark to others. Daring to be different in a non-socially acceptable way, they challenged the system musically and broke down barriers.
After being named the year's best live band by MTV Europe, the band would go on to tour with the likes of Machinehead, Pantera, Testament, Life Of Agony, Type O Negative, The 24/7 Spyz, Sevendust and Clutch. STUCK MOJO became Century Media's biggest selling act in America and would remain so until 2004.
Fast forward to 2009, Bonz joins forces with Bobby Burns, and Curt Taylor of Primer 55 and creates Killer in the Workplace. The band would go on to record a full length album and tour to support it. However, by 2011 it was obvious that it was not in the cards for the band to continue on. Bonz and Curt had developed a bond and musical chemistry that was undeniable, and after KITW they decided to forge ahead and form the band BONZ.
After creating the first few demos, they knew that something really new and invigorating was in store, and the music reflects that feeling. This is a "new" Bonz, with all of the flair and attitude that only he can bring, as part of a band that delivers the goods night in and night out, reiterating that the "Mouth of Mojo" is indeed back in fine form.


After forming in 2009 & Touring the east coast promoting their debut album FEED US THE WEAK and joining national acts MUSHROOMHEAD,HED PE,STRAIGHT LINE STITCH,OTEP, BURY YOUR DEAD,DEMUN JONES,THROUGH THE EYES OF THE DEAD,DESTOPHY.
NEFARIOUS w/ a few new faces are back at it again in the studio recording their second album w/ Dan Royer of Still Undead Studios.
We are very happy to announce that the cd 0.0 is done and ready to corrupt your lives....We had a very interesting year last year so we figured we would cram all that excitement into a record.We have found our talent for "pushing buttons" transcends into "pushing Limits" w/ our will get the GOOD & BAD of what is going on in the music industry today..You can call us Crass,Belligerent,Definitely NOT-classy..Yet We keep finding ourselves on bills w/ some of the heavy hitters in this industry..not to bad for a bunch of unsigned crackers that live off of cornbread n milk.
Dan Royer of Still Undead Studios kicked the SHIT out of this record and We recommend that other bands hit him up he's down for whatever and he's damn good at it too!
For now you can get the CD off us at our live events..or send us a message here and we'll get you one.
We will have Digital Distro soon!

Descendants of Chaos

Founded in April 2010, Descendants of Chaos came onto the scene relentlessly with a slew of regional shows, radio play, and a well-received demo titled "Demolition," including a music video featuring the single "Smoking Gun". Several lineup changes have resulted in their current formation, considered by many to be their strongest to date. DoC has earned respect throughout the Charlotte area for their powerful sound and message, which translates flawlessly into their energetic live performances. Currently booking shows throughout the Carolinas and writing songs for their upcoming album, these guys are on the move.

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Plus $3 surcharge for those under 21

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