In fall of 1985, a post-punk band emerged that would shake the Athens music scene and leave fans craving more, even 22 years after the band stepped off the stage for the last time on Valentine’s Day 1991. Mercyland was the rock-child of founder, David Barbe; guitarist, Mark Craig; and drummer, Harry Joiner. Although the band changed forms several times between ’86 and ’88, losing both Craig and Joiner and gaining Andrew Donaldson (guitar) and Joel Sutters (drums), Mercyland remained ever true to its dirty, punk sound and cut-loose style.

Mercyland embodied the 80s southern-punk spirit with an anything goes, all-or-nothing mentality, which left them playing seven nights a week in clubs like CBGB, The Rat and 9:30. On nights the band wasn’t booked, they often took over odd, public spaces with their musical ruckus: parks, keg parties, college campuses, and even the basement of a Chinese restaurant. Mercyland knew no limits, and the off-kilter nature of the band meant that they never played the same show twice.

For six years, Mercyland successfully toured the eastern United States, despite never signing with a record label. The band released one full-length album and a collection of EPs independently, the last of which was released at the final show in 1991. A second album was released posthumously.

Since the demise of Mercyland as a touring band, all three of its final members have continued on to pursue creative careers. While Andrew Donaldson moved his music down to New Orleans and Joel Suttles took his skills in video production to Asheville, NC; David Barbe held onto his roots in Athens. He has since played with Sugar (1992-95), The Quick Hooks (2003-present), Drive-By Truckers (2012), and is the owner, chief engineer and producer of Chase Park Transduction studios. Barbe is currently serving as Director of the University of Georgia’s Music Business program.

The band will reunite for a single show at the 40 Watt Club in Athens, GA on Saturday, Oct. 5, 2013.

June 1986 - Proud O’ Me Gluttony compilation; DRG Records. 3 songs “Fall of the City,” “Western Guns,” “City of Embers.”
October 1986 - Some compilation - DRG Records. “Amerigod”
September 1987 “Ciderhead” b/w “Black on Black on Black” Mustang Records 7”
October 1987 Dominated by Linda - 39 song cassette bootleg, officially never released
April 1988 Ghost, Snake, Monster, Friend compilation Mustang Records
June 1989 No Feet on the Cowling LP Communion Records
February 1991 Enter the Crafty Bear EP Planned Obsolesence
September 1991 “Uncle” b/w “Service Economy” 7” Nasty Vinyl
June 1992 “Who Hangs Behind Your Eyes” split 7” with Swedish band Cry. Dionysus Records
April 1994 Spillage LP Rykodisc
August 2010 No Feet on the Cowling Remixed Stoic Recordings

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