Darwin Deez

Darwin Deez

Born in North Carolina to Maher Baba disciples, Darwin grew up on a diet of Weezer, Nirvana and Nada Surf, and started his first band with friends at age 12. After attending and promptly dropping out of Wesleyan University, Connecticut (whose alumni include Santigold and MGMT), Darwin moved to and found himself at home in New York City.
In the East Village, he became a fixture of Monday nights at the Sidewalk Café, a ‘legendary stomping ground for NYC’s Anti-folk scene’ responsible for launching artists such as Regina Spektor, Adam Green and Kimya Dawson.
Here, Deez felt like he had finally found his niche. “It was the real hub of the action for me. I became inspired to write better lyrics by studying the other songwriter-performers there”.
As Darwin came into his own as a performer, his live shows became extravaganzas of unbridled energy and unfettered joy. He’s been known to break into spontaneous bouts of synchronised dancing which can erupt anytime, almost out of nowhere.
Describing his strain of pop as “a little bit Thriller, a little bit Dismemberment Plan” and with a fondness for D.I.Y aesthetics and twisted wordplay, his sound calls to mind everyone from The Strokes and Beck to Arthur Russell and The Flaming Lips.
His recently released self titled debut album has been met with universal praise from international radio and press, including the likes NYLON, Stereogum, BBC Radio One and ,especially, the NME who named him the 10th coolest musician on the planet and placed him on their cover.
Singularly a brilliant, hilarious, complex, entertaining individual, Darwin Deez writes songs that will make you want to bust out your dancing shoes while also cutting to that raw, emotional nerve. Don’t miss your chance to witness a rare insight into everything a pop star should be

Laser Background

Laser Background is the new psych pop project from Andy Molholt. Centering around how confusing & strange it feels to be a meandering, distracted youth caring about little more than dwelling deep in imagination & discovering ancient artifacts in the woods, Molholt filters contemporary situations through a lens of duality that co-exists between past & present. Childhood ultimately dictates how one perceives reality, & people try to ignore this fact all too often. Everything in life is cyclical...

Caged Animals

Brooklyn based, but New jersey born, Vincent Cacchione (aka Caged Animals) is a pop musician, who writes hits for discerning ears. Drawing on influences that range from the ultra-modern to the ultra-passé, Caged Animals comes on like the last blip and squeak of a world gone wrong.
Cut-up images, stream of conscious freak-outs, and a hyperactive attention to texture, colour the forthcoming album "Eat Their Own" with a psychedelic but totally dance-able timbre.

The live show translates as a family affair with Cacchione's gorgeous French-Canadian partner, Magali Charron, adding dynamic as backing chanteuse with extra-ethereal musicality. Vin’s sister, Talya, plays warm bass notes like a cocktail of one part James Jamerson with two parts Kim Deal, and childhood companion, Patrick Curry concocts complementary beats.



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