The Selecter

The Selecter

The Selecter pioneered the ska revival movement alongside labelmates, The Specials & Madness, and were responsible for some of the scene's classic hits, including On My Radio, Three Minute Hero, Missing Words & Too Much Pressure.
The Selecter's iconic frontwoman Pauline Black is reverently referred to as the Queen of Ska – and with good reason, with Rolling Stone Magazine declaring, "Hands down, Pauline Black possessed the best voice that ever graced a 2-Tone release" and Gwen Stefani citing her as one of her formative influences.
In 2010, Black reunited with the band's co-singer, the brilliantly charismatic Gaps Hendrickson known for his incisive toasting on the mic, to celebrate the 30th Anniversary of their classic Too Much Pressure. Since then, this refreshed and revitalised line-up have been the recipients of a wave of critical and popular acclaim for their brilliant 2011 album, Made In Britain.

As a thank you to their fans, both old and new, in October 2012, they embark on a brand new 11 date tour in support of their NEW album 'Live In Britain', which showcases the best of their incendiary 'live' set recorded on their near sell-out 'Made In Britain' tour in March 2012.

.. 'dynamic, charismatic but also fun-lovin'g..- The Scotsman
.'.an album that would sit comfortably next to The Selecter's 1980 debut "Too Much Pressure' - Mojo Magazine 2011
.'through all tracks, new & old, the crowd did not hit the
ground, which made for an unbelievable hour and a half of non-stop movement' - MAG magazine 2012
Made In Britain successfully explored the multicultural landscape of today's Britain & beyond. Mixing ska, pop and reggae in their inimitable style, it reflected the social and political issues confronting Britain's new multicultural society. Just as they gave a voice to disaffected youth across the racial divide in Thatcher's recessionary Britain thirty years ago, The Selecter have returned to a 21st Century British landscape with an unnerving number of parallels to those dark times.
The 2-tone legacy continues because the idea of multiculturalism began when black and white youth, who had grown up in Britain decided to get together and make music that reflected their particular world. The Selecter seeks to continue that conversation and carry their "Multiculturalism rules!" message forward to anew generation & with an upcoming first ever tour of Australia in Nov 2012 and America in 2013, spread that message to the rest of the world.

The Snails

The Snails are an eclectic act specializing in various forms of Jamaican music, blended with ragged 50's rock 'n' roll and the sweet sounds of American soul. The band is fronted by Todd Fausnacht on lead guitar, complemented by Tim Hildebrand on rhythm and pick guitar. The driving beats spring from the rhythm section comprised of Josh Parry on drums, Ben Parry on bass, and Kyle Williams on organ. Though Fausnacht's vocals lead the group, it's not uncommon for the voices of all five members to come together in cascading harmony.

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