Sam Vicari

Sam Vicari

"Indiana's Sam Vicari on the other hand, has the look and voice of pure innocence. He appears like the slightly nerdy date who shows up to take your kid sister to the prom one minute early, with a clutch of crisp gladiolas in one hand and dressed in a brand spanking new powder blue rented tux. But on his self produced/released debut "Keep Careful," and live onstage he's about something far headier than what your sister had in mind;he's achingly sincere, painfully truthful, and loaded with pop smarts. The key to his sound isn't just his voice, which is a kind of cross between the sweet natured burble of Buddy Holly with the aching arc of Harry Nilsson, but his jangly guitar accompaniment which erases the possibility of him turning into a sweet baby wimp. But with all the unfussy sensitivity and sweetness on display there's a through line of brains and, dare I say it, sexiness going on here." - Windy City Times/Bent Nights - October 2009

The Author and The Illustrator

The Author and the Illustrator wrote and recorded 10 songs from April 2010 to January 2012. We released these songs with the title "Session I", in hopes to continue this pattern of writing sessions until we wrote some sort of magnum opus. On January 6th, 2012, we released Session I, and played our last show with vocalist Greg Janssen and guitarist Evan Croteau. Where do we go from here? We're not sure, but it's somewhere.
An emotional rock band from Kansas City, Missouri.

Saint Lux is a re-birth of the former band Sleep Dreamer; started in 2008 from members John McFarlane, John Moessner, Denis Sawatzky, and Tanner Laird. The band formed on the campus of Mid-America Nazarene University, where they attended school. Three of the original members have since graduated and with that so has their writing.
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