The Burning of Rome, Grizfolk

The Burning of Rome

"The perfect mix of goth and dance influences to accompany an Edwardian Ball, with enough organs and dark vocals to satisfy Castlevania fans."
- San Diego City Beat Magazine

"Their musical horizons stretch far beyond the threshold of modern rock. The Burning of Rome is a post-apocolypitic mash-up of meticulous orchestration, electronic manipulation and eccentric experimentation. If Danzig constructed a carnival ride, it'd look something like this."
- 944 Magazine

"Gypsy punk, rife with keys, rasping vocals and animated onstage antics."
- Paste Magazine

"What gothic music has come to in the new millennium. Recommend it for indie fans in general, especially those who appreciate keyboards and melody."
- Skratch Magazine

"A thrillingly eerie avant-garde seven-piece out of San Diego"
- Performer Magazine

"Music for the circus of the underworld - done in all the right ways."
- San Diego City Beat Magazine

"All sorts of arty noises that somehow turn into amazingly melodic music - imagine every genre of music smooshed together and sprinkled with a sense of humor."
- San Diego Union Tribune

"The kind of songs that Danny Elfman would assemble as a soundtrack for the Technicolor birth of the spawn of Satan"
- San Diego City Beat Magazine

"The Burning of Rome's style can not be forced into any known genre without taking shortcuts and over looking its originality. Its dark tones and circus like melodies intermingle into one spontaneous, yet entertaining work of musicianship."
- X1FM

Dallas: Vocals, Keys, Strings, drums
Leo: Vocals, Keys, Guitar, Drums


The OKAPI SUN combine Dance, Electronic, Samples and Tribal Beats with Garage Rock. The band is fresh on the scene and just weeks out of the studio with a new self released record due out this summer.

"LESE" legend says, the Okapi decorates itself with its different stripes to become one with its surroundings and add to its great camouflage.

Our music is a cut and paste of our past, our now, our culture, our soul.
We decorate ourselves with sounds and let them form into songs.

Best friends Leo and Dallas have been traveling Europe and the USA for the past year. They met in London at a suburb train station.
Their songwriting happens out of ideas, experiences, loves, broken hearts and their travels. Their sound is a cut and paste of new encounters, different cultures, and nature. When they get together and play music it just clicks. Leo mostly comes up with some beats and hook melodies while Dallas comes up with interesting harmonies, strings and cool synthesizer parts. When they sing together their soft voices blend very well. Their different upbringing and cultural background makes their music interesting. Dallas is Hispanic, African, Norwegian and Native American while Leo is French, German and Czech.

The Palace Ballroom

The Palace Ballroom knows there's something wrong with your heart. Packed into some of the finest songcraft and catchiest hooks around, the band's emotive, confessional songs hold a magnifying glass to your chest. They'll either leave you curled up with a bottle at 4:00 a.m, or singing with the windows down as you cruise the coastal highway. Veering between acoustic ballads and buzzing electric guitar. singer-songwriter honesty and indie rock edge, the music defies easy categorization, but it's familiar and straightforward, and the songs echo in your head for miles. The Palace Ballroom won't leave you unmoved. Their music hits like heartbreak, but heals like the world¹s oldest friend.

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