Braid is an influential emo/post-hardcore band from Illinois that formed in 1993. After forming, the band went through several line-up changes but eventually settled on: Bob Nanna on guitar/vocals, Todd Bell on bass, Chris Broach on guitar/vocals and, Roy Ewing on drums. Roy was replaced in 1997 by Damon Atkinson.
Braid disbanded in 1999 leaving Nanna, Bell, and Atkinson to form Hey Mercedes with Mark Dawursk while Broach would dedicate more time to The Firebird Band which was hitherto a side project.
The band reformed for a comprehensive US/Canada tour from June–August 2004 & a brief Japanese tour in August 2004. Braid became active once again in 2011, releasing an EP and playing a few shows, including their 600th show.

All Eyes West

"All Eyes West featured the "man of a thousand bands" Jeff Dean on guitar. They had a 90's post-hardcore sound that would fit in well on the Dischord label with really catchy yet loud guitars that drove the songs and some great bass lines. Their singer has this really great voice that was raspy yet melodic in the way that Jawbreaker was in the 1990s. If you mix the loud Chicago punk guitar sound with that early 1990's DC sound you know what these guys were like. They were really, really good and should have played third. Hopefully these guys stick around and play more often as they are one of the best bands around the city today and a breath of fresh, yet familiar air compared to what's popular these days." - Michael Vinikour,


When Jay Navarro, the singer/frontman of the Suicide Machines and Hellmouth, finally hit bottom and came out of a haze of booze, pills, anger and depression, he had a fresh outlook. He wrote a song so full of melody and so full of angst, he felt he had found himself again. "A Failure Of Epic Proportions" is a song about the Midwest American experience of growing into adulthood.

Thinking nobody would want to hear a song like this from him, or maybe anyone for that matter, he turned to longtime friend Cris Golan (The Story So Far and King For A Day) to play bass.

"I didn't think anybody else in Detroit would get what I was trying to go for but Cris," Navarro said. "I was aiming for early East Bay pop-punk like Crimpshrine, Operation Ivy, and yes...Green Day, and then mix in some Smashing Pumpkins." Through a mutual friend, they hooked up with Kyle Green (Seized Up). Kyle brought a new perspective that would round out the trio of Break Anchor's writing style. Late night jam sessions in the garage ensued, fueled by beer and always ending in a drunken listening party of old and new punk favorites.

With Jason and Kyle singing and handling guitar duties together, it became a wrestling match of dual vocals comparable to punk steadymen Hot Water Music and other such bands. Dan Stover (Seized Up) signed on to play drums and this Motor City rust belt machine was complete. Creating a fresh sound, unlike most Midwest offerings, Break Anchor will make you want to crack open a PBR or stare deep into the eyes of a bottle of whiskey, grab your best friend and sing along at the top of your lungs, "I'M FAILING!!"


Suns Debut At The Metro
By reviewsic

New in this incarnation, but certainly not new to music itself, the players behind the up and coming six man band Suns will be making their debut at the Metro this Saturday. Hatched from the head of Mikey Russell who, having somewhat recovered from the split from his band Wax on Radio, decided to get back in the musical saddle, Suns is another example of jamming turned into something more. Made up through a collection of friends and ‘heard through the grapevine’ connections, the new band has already seen one line-up change, when original drummer (one of two), Bryan Fritz had to leave for his own personal reasons “a very sad day for our band, since he was our first drummer and also a very solid dude. We were lost for a while.” (Matt Lemke) Fortunately they found fusion in their next drummer, Clinton Weber, and since July of last year have been a solid six, including everything from guitar, mandolin, banjo, and bass to synth, glockenspiel and dual drummers.



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