Zeke Duhon

Zeke Duhon

Zeke has been writing songs since he was 13 years old. Upon his first attempt, he brought the song to his father who didn’t believe the song was actually his. Since that time, Zeke has composed hundreds of songs all on his own. Still in his teenage years, the Tulsa, OK phenom constantly impresses with insightful lyrics, incredible guitar licks and beautiful melodies. His move to Nashville, TN less than 3 months ago has already resulted in outstanding accolades and attention from industry heavyweights and has put Zeke well on his way to being a bonafied star. His song "Open Up Your Eyes" has received heavy rotation on Nashville's biggest radio station, Lightning 100, and he was also chosen as the Artist Of The Week, which is a huge honor in a city as competitive as Nashville. For him, however, it’s all about the music. Says Zeke, simply: “I’m a guy who likes to write songs. Hopefully these songs can help in some way."

At Long Last

“Making music is our mission, performing is our passion and getting fans is our blessing.” Four Deer Creek high school students from Edmond, Oklahoma, Jordan Lindley (vocals & guitar), Caden Castelli (lead guitar), Carson Hawkins (drums) and Cole Verble (bass guitar) formed the band At Long Last in 2008 at the ages of 11 & 12 in a school classroom.

“Four guys in a band and in the same class in school since we formed the band in 2008. It is now 2013 and we are writing our story right along with some of the most amazing songs you will ever hear! Our forte' is our unique sound and songwriting ability. Jordan writes our songs with collaboration from all the guys on various tracks. We all write our own musical interpretations of our instruments to the songs. We hope you love the result. We have been compared to many different artists but in the end we are just 4 guys in a band going to high school and living the life you live too. You make our success possible and we love each and every one of you for it. Thank you from the bottom of our hearts!” JCCC

Jordan started writing music at the age of ten. His songwriting has been described as “way beyond his years.” In 2012, the song Smile, This Song Is About You was one of 35 winners nationwide when it took an Honorable Mention in the Rock/Alternative Category for the USA (International) Songwriting Contest.

Their band name, At Long Last, came from a Coldplay article in the Oklahoma Gazette. “Yeah, we were eating out one night, talking about coming up with a name for the band and Caden’s sister Madison was looking at The Gazette to get some ideas. Coldplay had cancelled their concert here in OKC months early and were finally returning. On the cover it read COLDPLAY, At Long Last! We thought wouldn’t it be great if our name was At Long Last? That would mean we were opening for Coldplay...obvious history.”

Musical influences include Mayday Parade, Go Radio, All Time Low, Green Day and many many more. In the past few years, they have had the pleasure of sharing the stage with Interscope Recording Artist, Greyson Chance, Go Radio, Allstar Weekend, and many more! In December of 2012 they played KJ 103’s Jingle Jam with All-American Rejects and Shiny Toy Guns. Fulfilling a dream to tour was finally a reality in the summer of 2012 when the band joined Forever The Sickest Kids, Paradise Fears and Ashland HIGH (Trace Cyrus) on The One Direction Tour across the East Coast and Canada.

Since their inception ALL has performed over 100 shows for crowds of up to 1500. At Long Last won “Crowd Favorite” at the Battle of the Bands contest in 2011 and were also the VIP band at Extreme Pyrotechnics July 4th LibertyFest. In 2010 they were the Winner of the FENDER Music Contest for their local Guitar Center. In the past 5 years they have performed at parades, festivals, fairs, private concerts and large-scale productions.

In summer of 2013 At Long Last released the single I'll Take My Chances and Nothing But Time (Learn To Let Go) along with the EP One More Year.

AT LONG LAST has two songs “San Francisco Dreams” and “Time Goes On” off their first 10 track album, Let’s Get To The Point, featured in the upcoming Oklahoma film Just Crazy Enough starring Chris Kattan (from Saturday Night Live).

Grant Wiscaver Band

Summit is an indie alternative trio hailing form Tulsa, OK. Summit has been compared to the Police with a mix of Kings Of Leon. Summit spent the summer of 2014 testing their material on a national tour and are gearing up for their debut EP release in the fall of 2014.

Summit's self described "indie pop angsty rock" is bluesy hard edged riffs with lyrics and melody that tell sometimes dark yet relevant stories everyone can relate to. Imagine The Police and Band of Skulls had a baby. That baby would be Summit.

Summit is Christian Sanchez, Conor McMurchy and Bradley Thomas Jones.

Sanchez - Lead vocals, guitar. His first instrument is drums and percussion but he has a knack for writing edgy and accessible songs that speak to people.

Conor McMurchy - Bass, Vocals. His lines are fluid and involve much movement. Bass players are amazed at the way he navigates away from root notes but still maintains the chordal continuity of songs.

Bradley Thomas Jones is a seasoned veteran who's involvement with Summit started as a fill in position. After the first rehearsal Jones was enamored with the writing and playing ability of Sanchez and McMurchy and committed to Summit full time. Jones was a touring drum tech for several years and is also a session player.

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