Snarky Puppy

With the release of their live, 2-disc album/DVD "Tell Your Friends" (Ropeadope Records), Snarky Puppy has gone from an underground secret to one of the most internationally respected names in instrumental music.

The 3-time Dallas Observer Music Award winning group ("Best Jazz Act" 2008, 2009, 2010) has, over the last four years of touring, gained a reputation for putting on a live show unparalleled in energy, virtuosity, and musicianship. They seamlessly fuse a deep knowledge and respect for musical tradition with sonic and conceptual innovation in a way that is able to reach the most critical- or most carefree- audience.

It is, in its physical makeup, a group of musicians from two different cultures and traditions- jazz and rock kids from white America, and gospel/R&B kids from black America. This convergence, which occurred while the band was in its adolescence at the University of North Texas, has naturally established a series of combinations and a system of balance that instantly draws listeners to the music- raw funk and sensitive dynamics, relentless pocket and lyrical melodicism, lush harmony and soulful simplicity, and most importantly, a delicate mixture of composition and improvisation.

Snarky Puppy is somewhere between a garage band and a collective, with over 25 players in regular rotation. The core of the group, which remains consistent, features Grammy Award-winners Robert "Sput" Searight on drums (God's Property, Snoop Dogg) and Shaun Martin on keys (Kirk Franklin, Erykah Badu). Its other members are mainstays with artists like Erykah Badu, Marcus Miller, P Diddy Dirty Money, The Polyphonic Spree, Snoop Dogg, Roy Hargrove's RH Factor, Morcheeba, Tower of Power, Ari Hoenig/Adam Rogers, Kenny Garrett, Yo-Yo Ma, Lucy Woodward, and Bilal, among many more.

The group was conceived and is held together by award-winning bassist/guitarist/composer/arranger Michael League, whose creative grass-roots approach to a tougher-than-ever industry has created a most unique musical animal. It is a three-headed creature: first, and most obviously- an original music ensemble. Second- a production team and session band for individual artists. Third, and probably most importantly- Snarky Puppy is a group of musicians unanimously and enthusiastically committed to music education and community outreach. Working with groups like ROAM (Roots Of American Music) in inner city Cleveland and the Music Lab at Jefferson Center in Roanoke, as well as giving clinics at over 40 colleges, high schools, and middle schools worldwide, the band has made a strong commitment to spreading a love of music and general positivity to a young generation looking for something real to hold on to.

Currently, Snarky Puppy is touring to prepare for their next live, in-studio album/DVD, to be recorded over 5 days in New Orleans this fall for Ropeadope Records.

Technicolor Tone Factory

Technicolor Tone Factory or TTF is no stranger to the booming Colorado Music Scene. Featuring some new members, they continue to electrify the pulse in the Denver - Boulder based community and they don’t miss a beat. TTF’s massive sounds stem from the band's creative, ambitious perspective, and focal point on music all backed by its well-rounded of musicians.

Newest Guitarist Cameron John (Lead Guitar) seamlessly rips some colorful guitar tones with a warm and melodic sound that screams and lights up any room he plays in. Cameron was also formerly known for his guitar work in the band Genetics.

Fellow strings man, Karl Summers (Bass) drives the band with some deep prog-funk rock grooves and atmospheric stimuli. Karl is the second new adaption to the TTF lineup and lays down some serious organic low end. Karl’s stage presence and likable personality engages the audience from start to finish.

Greg Kallfa (Keys, Vocals) the band’s leading member and now longest “OG” of the group, has continued to develop Technicolor’s songs and lyrics as well as building their sound and infrastructure. Greg also built a custom Leslie amp for his Hammond Organ that creates a psychedelic sound that's sure to melt your face.

On the skins... Bryan Lefever (Drums) keeps the timing and flow of the band's tunes on point, with some serious rudimentary talent and his own percussive personality. Bryan has been the second longest member of TTF and has kept the band's chops nailed down for the duration of the project.

The last and newest addition of talent to join the band is Evan Morris (Keys, Synths) adding a new dynamic to Technicolor's sound. Evan produces his own music and works with some incredible synths and pads intertwining genres, beats, and new sounds that really give TTF a stylish tone. Evan has sure hit it off well with a recent move to Colorado locked in as the perfect “puzzle piece” in the Technicolor Tone Factory.

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