Jackpot, Tiger

Jackpot, Tiger

Power-pop/Bubble-gum/Rock. Catchy tunes from this Brooklyn 4-piece.

A brand new - and undeniably catchy - Brooklyn band! For fans of The Drums, Ski Lodge, and that great summer vibe we all know and love but can't quite describe.

The founding members of Sons of Sons, Matt Miller and Brian Dalessandro started Coastgaard as an experiment to strip the Sons of Sons style down to its basic melodic and rhythmic elements and build from there. We then found Sean Glassman, who with his love and knowledge of all things vintage, helped us explore and develop a sound that, for lack of a better term, we just call "Beachy." As a trio, Matt,Sean and Brian composed, developed and recorded their debut, self-titled LP (to be released in summer 2012).

Teen Girl Scientist Monthly (Record Release Show)

Bred and born on the windswept shores of Brooklyn, NY, Teen Girl Scientist Monthly jangle, stomp and spark, spitting sunny guitars and fuzzy garage pop by the hat-full. In February 2013 they released Modern Dances, their first LP, full of sharp shout-a-longs and bright light head-bangers, and in January 2014 they put out the We Run With Gangs mini-LP - 10 short, electric tunes written about and for their friends and fans, in anticipation of their second record, out later this year. Buzzfeed says they're "the pop band you want and need."


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