Blue October

Blue October

BLUE OCTOBER is the San Marcos, TX-based band known for it’s shimmering melodies and heart-string pulling lyrics, and boasts one of the most emotionally charged and magnetic front men in music today in Justin Furstenfeld.

Blue October has charted seven Top 40 singles over seven albums. Songs like "Into The Ocean", "Hate Me", "Calling You", "Bleed Out" and “Fear” from albums such as 2009’s Billboard Top 15 debut, Approaching Normal, 2011’s Billboard Top Ten debut Any Man In America, the Platinum-selling Foiled and most recently Billboards #13 debut Sway (2013), reaching audiences around the world.

In 2015, Blue October returned to the studio to record their new album, titled Home. “Sway was about finding inner peace and learning to live in a healthy way,” says Furstenfeld. “This new album is about what we do with our time on earth, how we’re going to utilize that time in a positive way and make it the best we possibly can by bettering ourselves.”

Set to release in Spring 2016 on Up/Down-Brando Records, Home is sure to inspire everyone to embrace life and live to our fullest extent.

The Unlikely Candidates

Who would've thought small town boredom, adrenaline, and a lust for recklessness mixed together on the suburban streets of Forth Worth, TX would end up producing raw, real, and infectious rock anthems? Although they didn't know each-other yet, Cole Male and Kyle Morris were booked on separate accounts of grand theft auto and ended up in a Ft .Worth Juvenile dentition center together. The two became fast friends, and as their brush with the law came to an end, they decided to focus their energies Influenced by Bob Dylan, The Strokes, and The Beatles, these best friends quickly found a style all their own, a local crowd in the hundreds, and some local radio love from Dallas Alt. station 102.1 the Edge...their sound...bohemians with a drunken Texan drawl. While backpacking and street performing through Prague and Amsterdam at eighteen, Kyle began to feel a transcendence of identity. He conceived an album that reflected his new found romance with the land of his ancestors, while sharpening his affection and affliction to his roots in the States. Back home in Texas, uniting with classmates Kevin Goddard (Drums), Josiah Maughn (Lead Guitar), and Brenton Carney (Bass), The Unlikely Candidates were born. With an authentic sound and an ability to paint vivid pictures with their lyrics, The Unlikely Candidates transcend trends with a focus on the art of the song.

Tori Vasquez

Not yet 20, Lubbock singer-songwriter Tori Vasquez is quick to admit she is shy, that she still really does not like being out of her comfort zone. Born in Shallowater,Texas, Tori Vasquez is as a third generation member of a family of instrumentalists, singers and songwriters. She is quickly becoming an accomplished multi-instrumentalist herself; after compelling her parents to let her learn violin/fiddle at age 8, Tori took her first voice lesson at age 9, picked up the guitar at 10, with piano following la few years later. She performed her first solo showcase at age 15 for a major label out of Nashville; as a result, Tori has had the privilege of participating in several songwriting sessions, one of which involved Grammy Award winning producer/songwriter Pete Orta. As of now, she is working with producer Clif Magness and writing new material for her debut album. Currently signed by Austin's own Rainmaker Artists, the young musician appears destined to become the next West Texan to sculpt a career as a professional musician.

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