Local Music Showcase Featuring: Line of Sight / Rivet / Jonnie Ferro / Bakersfield and more!

Line of Sight

Line of Sight is a light rock band from Orange County, California.

The music represents a compilation of original songs: from pop rock to contemporary with a touch of country.

Band Member Profile:

Leslee Hatch
Lead Vocalist and Rhythm Guitar.
Leslee debuted in church to an audience of 500 at the age of 4. She’s been on stage ever since.

Jim McLaughlin
Lyrics, Bass & Vocals.
Jim has been writing and playing music for decades. “the lyrics just come to me”. He has performed numerous times at The Coach House, with The Honky-Tonk Prophets.

Dave Love
Music writer, pedal steel, acoustic, electric guitars and vocals.
Dave toured as the lead guitarist with Iron Butterfly and is our music director. Dave has also enjoyed performing at The Coach House numerous times.

Mike Dempsey
Mike hears the beat in everyday life and plays the drums with his eyes closed. Mike also has enjoyed jamming on The Coach House stage.

Karen Butner
Karen won the National Guild of Music Award for Classical Piano at the age of 9.

Line of Sight will be featuring an array of original music from their recently released album: Line of Sight, Fantasy World, Temple of Love, Whenever You’re Near, Wanted, Old Time Piano, Take A Stand and others.



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