The Far West, The Yellow Hope Project, Scott Gagner

The Far West

The Far West have an authentically Americana sound that’s been described as something like Waylon’s band jamming with Wilco. In keeping with the W theme one also hears a little Willie, Whiskeytown and Woody, as in Guthrie, in their music. Their songs are highly personal, introspective and original and betray a deep love of American music that runs from ‘Nashville Skyline’ to the Opry of the 1950’s, from the red dirt of South Texas to the streets of Bakersfield. It’s music you can dance to, start a brawl with or cry in your beer over, however the spirit moves you.

The Yellow Hope Project

“Blends pretty much every traditional American musical style known to man such as folk, rock, pop, soul, country and blues into a crafty and cohesive sound that is engaging from the very first note.” ~ Justin Kreitzer

The Yellow Hope is a first-generation Southerner who grew up in Louisiana. Through an outside-from-within perspective, he has been able to travel musically without boundaries between all of the rich traditions of Southern-American music. This unique experience provides the raw material for him to write songs rooted deeply in folk, soul, country, jazz, blues, rock, and pop with honesty and authenticity.

The Yellow Hope Project is a collaboration of musicians and artists with the intention of creating honest, heartfelt music rooted deeply in the American traditions of rock, pop, soul, blues, folk and country.

Scott Gagner

“His Potential is limitless.” ~Powerpopaholic

Originally from Minneapolis, Gagner began his musical career as a drummer soaking up local favorites Hüsker Dü, The Replacements, and The Jayhawks. He moved to San Francisco, traded his drum sticks for an acoustic guitar, and began writing. From the start, his songs were rhythmically sophisticated and melodically mature, with hooks both surprising and inevitable. An obsession with home recording quickly developed, and he soon found himself spending every night hunched over a cheap four-track cassette recorder. Several years and several hundred songs later, Gagner was ready to polish the best tracks for his debut, 2011's acclaimed Rhapsody in Blonde. Now comes Gagner's second LP, Rise & Shine. Recorded live to 2" tape, this melodic and emotionally direct set of songs was born out of a love for 1970's singer-songwritersand pre-WWII standards alike. Recommended for fans of Ron Sexsmith, Nick Lowe, and Harry Nilsson. Guests include Ken Stringfellow (Posies, Big Star, REM). On this special occasion, Gagner and longtime collaborator Arnie Kim will do an intimate acoustic run through of the entire album, plus fan favorites.


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