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Bare Knuckle Conflict

Bare Knuckle Conflict has been tearing up stages in the Midwest ever since late 2004. This high energy St. Louis area heavy and melodic metal band describes their sound as "in your face metal with a groove." BKC's intense live performances have drawn a hardcore following that continues to grow from venue to venue. All members of the band maintain a dedication and desire to promote their brand of metal far and wide. Creating a Bare Knuckle Conflict style through diverse backgrounds and influences allows for limitless potential. Recently signed to "Turkey Vulture Records" out of Brownsville Wisconsin. They are always working on new material and are currently recording their long awaited 2nd album. From the first single titled "Bare Knuckle Conflict" anyone with roots in heavy bands such as Tool, Machine Head, and Pantera can see why they attract such a loyal following.

$8.00 - $10.00


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