Tef Poe

Tef Poe

Born and raised in the Pine Lawn neighborhood of Saint Louis, Missouri, Kareem Jackson has been honing his weaponry in the war for musical supremacy. Through his unwavering integrity, genuine rhymes and expansive delivery, Kareem - better known as Tef Poe - is proving to the musical world that he is the commander-in-chief.

Tef Poe encompasses and continues to perfect the artistry and performance skills necessary to go the distance in today's ever-changing musical climate. Originally building a reputation as one of St. Louis' elite battle, Tef has since risen through the ranks and positioned himself as a seasoned veteran. His solo projects “Glory To God,” “The Redeemer,” Money Never Sleeps”, & latest release “War Machine” have been well received by the public, critics, and media outlets alike.

Darris Robins

Born in St.Louis, Missouri, Darris Robins fell in-love with music by eagerly playing and exploring the drum set, guitar, and microphone his father purchased for him at two years old. With this same enthusiasm, Darris joined the band in school and began composing his own songs.

In 2010 attending Berklee College Of Music in Boston, MA, Robins got the amazing opportunity to gain knowledge of the music industry from Jetro, former band player of the great Whitney Houston, and was mentored under him. With the wisdom of music industry and going through the tough times in college he released his album "MY BEAUTIFUL DARK FRESHMAN IN COLLEGE" in 2012. Highlighting the troubles of moving out the house for the first time and meeting new people in a new city.

His skills as a writer and producer has birthed the new amazing genre blending genre self titled “Experimental Hip-Hop Rock Fusion" With this new genre #MBDYFIC has gotten local and national exposure, and has been featured on a handful of websites/blogs.

His new music video "May I Have Some Change" about homeless people and college students has catapulted his career reaching over 23,000 views on YouTube. Reaching a large community of activists of homeless people.

In 2013 you can find this Hip-Hop Musician tearing the stage up performing hits off the album and preparing for the summer release of the next single off the album. It is anticipated to be an official debut of "Experimental Hip-Hop Rock Fusion" genre.

"Culture and Music makes a people. We need to get back to that understanding............... With music I will bridge gaps of race,ethnicity, inspire, teach, and give the fans something to enjoy each and every time they listen to my music." -Darris

BE the dream | LIVE the dream. -Darris

Thelonius Kryptonite

Thelonius Kryptonite: Musician/Song Writer/Producer from the Far Fetched collective label has become a unique and inspiring figure on today's local musical landscape. Describing himself as a New Wave-Modern Hip Hop artist "genre-bending approach draws from a range of styles, from soul-pop and post-punk to electronica and dub fusion," citing influences that include J Dilla, Michael Jackson, and Jimi Hendrix as well as Mark Ronson and Little Dragon." Thelonius 2013 release 'The Anchor Punch' EP established his champion sound while dedicating the musical montage to the inspiring legacy of Muhammad Ali. Along with his release, he gained quick notability as a performing artist opening up for Bilal, Van Hunt, Elzhi, Sidewalk Chalk, and Vintage Trouble. Thelonius was featured in Alive Magazine's 'Buzz List', a feature for most influential people and ideals of 2013 in St.Louis.

Recently releaded collaborative album with producer/ artist Loose Screwz entitled 'EKleKTRIP' on Far Fetched Records.


Mvstermind Einstein

Electro-Indie HipHop, those words manages to say just more than enough for Muhammad "Mvstermind" Austin an epitome of the DIY artist he produces, records, engineers, all of his own music through his imprint label M.M.E.

M.M.E. is a young independent music collective, Last year M.M.E. was nominated at The 2012 Saint Louis Underground Music Awards three times. Best Group/Collective, Producer of year(Mastermind Einstein) and took home the award for best music Video. 2013 the group was nominated for four awards; Producer of the Year, Best Video, Best Group, And Artist of the year. Mvstermind, the aptly named ringleader of this collective, is the nucleus, simultaneously serving as a rap artist and producer. Amir and Malcolm are the components of AtM (pronounced "AtM"), who bring a youthful perspective to their music as well as a team mentality. Ciej, a chill-spitting MC & producer, Lyrique blessed with a velvet voice and smooth moves. And last but not Least Sixela Yoccm, Female Vocalist who’s voice brings a smooth touch of celestial harmonies the collective.

On April 23rd released his newest full-length LP entitled "A.D.D. (Artistically Day Dreaming)," As a rapper, producer, and songwriter, Mvstermind has total creative control over his music and sound, creating a completely original and unique album gaining press from the likes of Riverfront Times, ONSTL.com, and even the highly published source magazine.

Mvstermind is known for his wit and live energy at his shows routinely bring Saint Louis Dou Franco-Hill into the mix, who seamlessly provide the percussion and instrumentals live for the performers' vocals. Mvstermind and M.M.E. have gained momentum, credibility and notoriety in the ever growing STL Indie hip-hop underground scene. Some of the events, shows and venues performed at include Grove Fest, Off Broadway, Cherokee Street, the Atomic Cowboy, SLUMFEST, London Calling, The Day After Tomorrow with Farfetched and many more. M.M.E’s most recent show was noted as one of the “top 10 parties” to attend and the review is on the Riverfront Times website. Playing with a live drummer and occasionally band "Franco-Hill" M.M.E.'s live energy is amazing. They have taken the stage with the likes of SNS, Adult Fur, Black James, cavesofswords, Bear Hive and Palace. M.M.E. Proving it's diversity with indie Hop-hop captivating audiences.

A.D.D. is a musical journey of fifteen tracks through the imagination of Mvstermind, who stays true to himself and his roots, having engineered and produced the album in his parent's basement. Originally a native of Saint Louis, Mvstermind's nomadic tendencies drove him to relocate multiple times throughout the United States, including brief stints in New Orleans and Atlanta, which has broadened his cultural and regional understanding of music. Currently Mvstermind has found his way back to his hometown and has reunited with the other talented members of MME, who make special guest features with him. Mostly a conceptually album, A.D.D. is a nod to Mvstermind's childhood diagnosis of attention deficit disorder. While some may view this as a handicap, Mvstermind imbues himself into the sounds he conceives, drawing from the influences and nostalgia of being young and growing up -- that freeing sense of no responsibilities and unbounded imagination that allows us to drift and daydream into worlds of our own creation. A.D.D. reflects these sensations, and invites the listener into Mvstermind's creative consciousness.

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