A set of drums. A guitar. A two piece hillbilly rock music machine driven by two whiskey drinking, lyric slinging cowboys. That's The Hooten Hallers.


In 2004, the original lineup of The Earps debuted at The Hard Rock Cafe in Phoenix, a location of the international franchise that was once lampooned by Krusty the Clown on a TV episode of The Simpsons. (The exact quote was "The Hard Rock Cafe in Phoenix has better crap!") The Earps shared the stage with five other terrible garage bands that night. With the exception of The Earps and Civet, the other bands that performed that night are now defunct with a history that is as obscure as any musician who ever autographed a guitar display at the very underwhelming Phoenix Hard Rock Cafe.

By 2005, Hotwheels McGregor and Marvelous Matt Maverick were joined by an Oklahoman guitarist called Ump Ump. In late 2005, The Earps recruited Buckshot George on bass guitar, who had played for indie rock legend Jeff Dahl for several years. During 2006, the band developed a following, playing with Nashville Pussy and Gilby Clarke. On New Years 2006, The Earps opened for Veruca Salt at the Ultimate Scottsdale Block Party. In 2007, the band met Veruca Salt's two biggest fans. They were both female, hot and impressed enough to hang out with the band in Las Vegas (The guys had them at "We once opened for Veruca Salt.") Hotwheels McGregor offended them with a dirty and sexist joke inside their limosine and they ditched the band in a Vegas parking garage. Despite not getting laid by Veruca Salt groupies, the band was not defeated and began filming footage for their "I Love Las Vegas" video that night.

Later that year, the band recorded their debut full-length called Here Come The Earps, which was released by Big Bender Records in 2007. The album was followed by a 3-week US tour where the band played rock n roll every night, got drunk every night, ate White Castle nearly every day, visited a huge wildlife museum in Missouri and blew Halloween pumpkins to smithereens with firearms in rural Kentucky. The Earps, who were incredibly hungover at the time, also performed live on-air and conducted an interview on KDHX FM in St. Louis. During the tour, they also visited The Rooster Run General Store near Bardstown, Kentucky, a minor roadside attraction that inspired the song "Rooster Run."

Following the tour, The Earps continued performing in the Phoenix area. The most notable gigs were Arizona Bike Week and opening slots for Rhino Bucket and Joe Buck (Hank III). Like any almost any other indie label band, The Earps were unable to tour in 2008 due to extremely high fuel costs.

In early 2009, Ump Ump left the band for personal reasons and selected Denver Dane as his favored choice as successor. Denver Dane has performed with Oktober, Big Bender artists Marty Jones and Buckskin Stallion and Jason Ringenberg (from Jason & The Scorchers).

The Earps are a rock n roll band with honky tonk influences. They have been called "cowpunk" and "butt rockabilly". One local Phoenix country-blues artist described them as "Hank III... KISS... David Allan Coe... New York Dolls... Jason and the Scorchers..." The Earps are known for entertaining live shows that fall somewhere between arena rock and episodes of Hee Haw.


Out of the ashes the mighty Phoenix rises... Or some overly dramatic bull shit like that.

After the amicable end of their previous musical endeavor, Mickey Kawa, Zach Shipp, and (a mostly unwilling) Kevin Shumway decided to turn their efforts in a more Southern direction. Mickey had the songs, Shumway had the skills, and Zach...well all of Mickey and Shumway's stuff was already at Zach's house, and it would have been a real hassle to find somewhere else to practice. All they needed was a second guitar player who could handle his ax like a lumberjack. When they couldn't find one they opted for Zach's roommate Chris Stylen, he did own a slide after all. And thus, I Was Told There'd be Whiskey was born


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