Ryelle (debut performance!)


"Ryelle is an EDM/pop duo based on a simple premise: put one foot in front of the other towards your dream, no matter what gets in your way."

Lucid Vision

-Dalton Kieta 20'
Lucid Vision makes bodies dance, and minds advance! With a sound inspired by the Colorado electronic movement, Lucid Vision has a style similar to Pretty Lights, but also has strong roots in glitch-hop fused with classical, soul and rock genres to create an exciting and emotional musical experience. Musical artist Dalton Kieta demonstrates a natural balance of live guitar combined with the wild age electronic technology that we live in.

Kevin Mackin

I am just a 21 year old college student who enjoys making music for fun, and enjoys helping others improve their skills in making EDM. I have a Youtube channel dedicated to teaching other people how to make certain Synths, and this is where I get a large amount of my attention. Feel free to go check it out, and be sure to Subscribe to me on Youtube and Soundcloud ;). Feel free to critique my music and give me suggestions on how to get better, or how to make a song better. All opinions are respected and valuable in my opinion. Thanks for listening everyone 🙂 and thanks for the support!

True School

True School, the musical project of Henry Young. Check it out @ http://soundcloud.com/true-school-1



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