Pissed Jeans

Pissed Jeans

The Straight World is a shallow, boring, soul-sucking vortex. This is where most folks spend their quiet, desperate lives. Working to consume, consuming to achieve status. Distractions like celebrity watching and religion are supposed to provide entertainment and meaning. Here, life on the edge means driving a Ford. It's nearly impossible for those of us who despise the Straight World to avoid it. Many of us spend 8 hours a day there just to survive. The Straight World doesn't take kindly to aberrance. That's why some of us would rather not reveal ourselves. We move like shadows through the Straight World, keeping our secrets. We don't need smoke to make ourselves disappear.

Matt Korvette has a secret. He's a mild-mannered claims adjuster by day, up to his white collar in the Straight World. But as soon as he clocks out, he rips off his shirt revealing the sweaty, loose-limbed punk fronting the Pissed Jeans. No one at the insurance company has a clue. At 25 he's been playing in bands for over half his life, mostly with guitarist Bradley Fry. Bradley's got a secret too. The folks in Account Management have no idea that he's the solid-statesman of Pissed Jeans renown, the one behind those brutal, beautiful feedback-drenched riffs. Matt and Brad grew up with bassist Dave Rosenstraus in the all-ages scene which coalesced around the Allentown, PA free-for-all fun-space, Jeff the Pigeon (RIP). Before recording their first single for Sub Pop, the stunning "Don't Need Smoke to Make Myself Disappear" (which sold through two pressings!) the trio hooked up with ex-Navies drummer Sean McGuinness who relocated to PA from DC.

Pissed Jeans offer Hope for Men, their new album on Sub Pop. It kicks off with "People Person," a frenetic, pounding rhythm over which Brad spews reverb and feedback like an aural Pollock while Matt mocks a shallow, handsome, glad-handing co-worker. It's one of two fast songs on the record. In the other, "I'm Turning Now," Dead Joe gets tubed before abruptly cutting back and morphing into Sabbath playing "Miserlou" just as the song's protagonist, one of the Straight World's "good people" gets fed-up with life's many little indignities and runs a long red light to make a well-deserved left turn.

Pissed Jeans take several turns on Hope for Men, weaving brutality, humor and pathos throughout. There's the heavy swing of "A Bad Wind" and "Fantasy World," the vintage Lubricated Goat-like rhythm of "Caught Licking Leather," and the riff-less excursion of "The Jogger." "Scrapbooking" provides the "We Will Fall" moment of the record. A sparse four note descending bass line anchors this atmospheric exposé of the dark underbelly of the world of crafts while Matt rolls around under the piano, alternately channeling Alan Vega and Sylvester the Cat. "I've Still Got You (Ice Cream)" and "Secret Admirer" would be hits if we could cast off the crushing yoke of the Straight World, a shallow place where lightweight, semi-clever, indie pop is considered cutting edge. Fuck that. Hope for Men closes with "My Bed," an honest-to-God punk rock epic. Clocking in at 8 minutes, the first half wouldn't sound out of place on side 2 of My War; the second half sounds like a rolling, no-holds-barred battle royal. By the time the last squall of feedback dies away, it's clear that the last band standing in this bout is Pissed Jeans.

Pissed Jeans went deep cover in the Straight World before sequestering themselves with Dan McKinney (of the Original Sins!) in his geodesic studio (appropriately enough, called Dan's House) and emerged with Hope for Men. This, their second album, their first full-length on Sub Pop, is one of the best punk albums in decades. Pissed Jeans play heavy and loose post-hardcore sludge that follows the holy tradition of the four noble Fs: feedtime, Flipper, 'Flag, and fuck it. Hope for Men delivers a piledriver to the Straight World and a folding chair to the face of the Indie Effete.

Addendum: Since the recording of Hope for Men, Dave Rosenstraus, who'd been converting cars to run on vegetable oil as a sideline, left the band to pursue diesel mechanic school and open his own shop. Replacing Dave is old pal Randy Huth, former Pearls & Brass guitarist. Coincidentally, everyone, except drummer Sean, has known each other since middle school and played in the Gate Crashers, the band that, after an instrument swap, became Pissed Jeans.

KEN mode (an acronym for Kill Everyone Now) is a Canadian metallic hardcore-influenced noise rock band from Winnipeg, Manitoba that was formed in September 1999.

Formed by brothers Jesse (guitar/vocals) and Shane Matthewson (drums) and long-time friend Darryl Laxdal (bass), the group released several demos from 1999 to 2003, leading to the release of their debut full length Mongrel on Escape Artist Records.[2][3]
Several tours followed with the likes of Relapse Records' The End ,[4] Sulaco and American Heritage [5] in addition to regional dates with Mastodon, Burnt By The Sun, Anodyne, Pelican, Harkonen, Breather Resist, The Dream is Dead, Psyopus, Daughters, and Buried Inside across the Midwestern and East Coast United States, and throughout Canada. In 2004 Laxdal left the band,[6] only to rejoin in 2005 to finish the band's follow-up record Reprisal, released in 2006 on CD by Escape Artist Records, and on double-LP by No List Records. After the recording of Reprisal Laxdal and the band parted ways again.[7] Picking up bass duties after Laxdal's departure was Drew Johnston (guitarist in Electro Quarterstaff)[8][9] who also played with Jesse, Shane and Darryl in Hide Your Daughters.
In October 2006 the band took part in the "Exclaim! Magazine Aggressive Tendencies Tour" with Pelican and Daughters across Canada.[10] Bass duties were handled by former Kittens and Projektor member Jahmeel Russell who played with Jesse, Shane and Drew in Hide Your Daughters.[11]
KEN mode went on to work with Jahmeel for the band's third full-length, Mennonite, which was released in July 2008[12] on CD by Jesse Matthewson's own label, Arctodus Records, and on 3x7" vinyl by No List Records.
Prior to releasing Mennonite, Chad Tremblay joined the band as their fourth bassist in two years. The band embarked on a European tour with Welsh rockers Taint.[13] Chad would go on to direct the bands debut music video for the song "Extending Common Courtesy Throughout The Evening" from their Mennonite album.[citation needed]
In 2010 the band announced that Profound Lore Records will release its fourth full length album, titled Venerable, to be recorded August 2010 with Kurt Ballou of Converge. They also announced several North American tours with Gaza, Engineer, Rosetta, Buried Inside, Wolvhammer, Clinging To The Trees Of A Forest Fire, and others.[14]

Inter Arma

Formed in 2006, Inter Arma is one of the most talked about heavy bands to come out of Richmond, VA . The group (consisting of T.J. Childers - Drums, Steven Russell - Guitars, Trey Dalton - Guitars, Mike Paparo - Vocals, Joe Kerkes - Bass) formed in 2006 and released their crushing debut full-length Sundown via Forcefield Records in 2010 to much critical acclaim. Combining a punk rock ethos with an esoteric blend of psychedelia, black metal, and doom/sludge, the quintet quickly developed a name for themselves in the underground through relentless touring and mesmerizing live performances. After Sundown's release, Inter Arma began a rigorous DIY touring schedule, playing shows with bands like Cough, Krallice, Mutant Supremacy, Castevet, Royal Thunder, Ken Mode, The Body, Hull, Batillus, Black Breath and many more.

Lasers and Fast and Shit

"besides having one of the best band names, LASERS AND FAST AND SHIT also have one hell of a propulsive fiery art damaged punk sound........
mix in the brash angular punk of LES SAVY FAV, the garage thump of the MISTREATERS, the hardcore thrash of DOUBLE DAGGER and the noise riffing of DRIVE LIKE JEHU.... and maybe throw in some BIG BLACK, NATION OF ULYSSES and JESUS LIZARD for good measure..... what you get is some of the most engaging hardcore tinged punk rock that doesn't follow those boring old formulas......"

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