Taking a page from each of the anthologies that METALLICA, MEGADETH, AT THE GATES, and BEHEMOTH have written, WRETCHED has bound together their own unique volume of stylishly structured death/thrash metal masterpieces.
No question about it, WRETCHED is ready to play music for the musicians and masses alike eagerly awaiting this thought provoking sound. With an enormous level of energy during their live perfor- mances, a show attendee leaves overly-satisfied but still craving more.
Bursting with tight riffs and energetic melodies, WRETCHED are prepared to make their mark in the metal world with their new take on old school thrash metal. They offer up their own metallic at- tack that is dense, intricate, and stylishly structured.
On their newest venture, Beyond The Gate, WRETCHED accompanies their punishing music with concept-based lyrics that will take the listener on an ethereal voyage through alternate worlds and leave them desperately searching for a way to return home, no matter how grave the sacrifice may be. The album features a piece composed and orchestrated by new guitarist John Vail, and performed by the University of South Carolina Sym- phony Orchestra; noting guest appearances by Jesse Clasen of Charlotte, North Carolina band Harvard, Andy Lynn on violin, and Randy Nashleanas on cello.
What began as a jam band in 2005 has evolved
into the progressive thrash band of WRETCHED. Steven Funderburk (Guitar) and Marshall Wieczorek (Drums) knew the first time that they played together that there was a strong connection that shouldn't be overlooked. Influences such as Megadeath, Metallica, Blink 182, and the Misfits are heavily evident in both their musicianship and mindset. "The connection to these bands has influenced the style of playing and writing as well as the work ethic of the group," states Funderburk.
The band prides themselves on their knowledge of music theory and composition, which has been a big benefit in making quality music. "Every piece of music we compose is analyzed down to the last note," "We put feeling and soul into our music, and we write it to the best of our ability" states Funderburk. After a listen of their music you can definitely tell that this band is as true to heart as they say they are. Previous album reviews from magazines such as Outburn have cited that "the briefest listen proves how dedicated these musicians are to their craft" and that their solos "demonstrate both proficiency and a devotion to melody". WRETCHED is a dedicated band that practices weekly as a group, something unheard of today, and members of the band have rigorous individual practices, to improve as musiciansand excel in their ever on going passions for music. Never laying to rest on their morals they are consis- tently trying to improve as individual musicians and to create a tighter collective whole.
The band is gaining a strong following in their home state of North Carolina which spans as far as Texas and back up through New York. WRETCHED believes that online promotion and communication with fans at shows has helped aid their success. A testament to that, they have a strong following
along the East Coast where they have implemented their DIY touring. Regardless of their thrash metal sound, they draw a wide variety of audiences, rang- ing from old school metal fans to hardcore kids across the globe. In the true WRETCHED fashion they are demolishing barriers and trends alike to pro- duce something so awe striking everyone is turning their heads to take a peek.
WRETCHED has done four US tours since the end of 2008, with over 175 shows. They have shared the stage with label-mates WITHIN THE RUINS as well as notable bands like Knights of the Abyss, Kill- whitneydead, Vital Remains, Diskreet, Antagonist, And Hell Followed With and The Demonstration. With all of this touring experience and non-stop energy, the band is bringing in fans by the hoard; everyone wants to hear and see this exploding force of metal apocalypse.

Abiotic is an American progressive, technical death metal band from Miami, Florida that has recently signed to Metal Blade Records. The five-piece group consists of vocalist Ray Jimenez, bassist Alex Vazquez, drummer Andres Hurtado and guitarists Matt Mendez and Johnathan Matos. The band has released two singles and a seven song studio EP entitled 'A Universal Plague'. "Vermosapien", the second track on the EP, has recently been featured on the quintet's first music video, directed by Dan Drescher.

Abiotic is agressive, melodic, technical and musical, to say the least. They've been compared to bands like The Faceless and Veil of Maya. Mixing technical riffs, brutal break downs, and solos that will leave you breathless, makes this five-piece assault an act that fans won't ever want to miss.


Allegaeon (pronounced: uh-lee-juhn) was formed in 2008 by founding member and guitar player Ryan Glisan. Soon thereafter joined the classically trained guitarist Greg Burgess, vocalist Ezra Haynes and bassist Corey Archuleta to round out and form what people have come to know now as the Colorado Kings of Melodic Metal. In 2008, Allegaeon released their 4 song, self-titled EP and quickly gained attention from the local, national and international metal fans as well as Metal Blade records. In 2009, barely a year after releasing their first EP to the world, Allegaeon agreed to a deal with Metal Blade Records and thus began their relationship and Allegaeon's entry into the ever expanding metal community.

Rivers Of Nihil

In a time when the music industry is highly over saturated, it's rare when artists genuinely strive to create something different from the norms of their genre. This Reading PA based 5 piece has been doing just that. Forming out of previous bands and local comradery, Jake, Brody, Jon, Biggs and Ron are on a relentless path of taking things to the next level. In the fall of 2009, they recorded an EP titled "Hierarchy" with producer Carson Slovak of Atrium Audio. The positive response to "Hierarchy" throughout the online community and local music scene gave the band the opportunity to play countless shows, including an appearance on the "Midwest Fuckfest" held in Milwaukee, as well as a 2 week tour within the first year of existence. Nearly 2 years of playing out "Hierarchy", the band entered the studio in June of 2011 with Len Carmichael to record "Temporality Unbound", which features six tracks of pure sonic devastation sure to please fans of the old material, while bringing in new listeners with the matured songwriting and niche for writing more than just riffs. "Temporality Unbound" will be released on October 28th, with touring currently being planned around the release.

Another Vendetta

Another Vendetta is a five peice metal band hailing from South Jersey ,with gutwrenching vocals, blastbeats, insane double bass and classical guitar harmonies that would raise the dead!! Another Vendetta has shared the stage with todays top metal artists including Arsonists get all the girls[centurymedia] Demolisher[centurymedia] With life in mind [C I records] Dark Tranquillity[centurymedia]/ Thr...eat Signal[NuclearBlast]/ MutinyWithin[roadrunner] / Revocation[relapse] / Lazarus A.D.[metalblade] It comes at no surprise the impact Another Vendetta has made on the metal community already. Another Vendetta is proud to announce our self-recorded debut album," Consecrate " is now available on itunes, amazonMP3, Rhapsody, thumb play, Zune, and more check it out!!!!


Nightfire was formed in Newark, Delaware, August of 2008 by Dan Reidinger, Wyeth Schiffelbein and James Dorton. By spring of 2009, Jesse Beahler and Ryan Cole joined and the band was complete.

After playing several shows with various international acts and parting ways with guitarist Wyeth Schiffelbein, the band embarked on their first tour in Europe in September of 2009, with Jungle Rot, Ion ...(Norway) and Dread (Italy).

In 2010, the band temporarily parted ways with Ryan Cole and brought in Dave Spencer to play bass, as well as Colin Smith to play guitar - both of which contributed greatly to the production, writing and release of the band's first full-length record "Penumbra," which was released on the Solstice, December 22nd, 2011.

Nightfire underwent further lineup changes in 2011-early 2012, as Dave was offered a new position in Texas and Colin moved to Germany. Never yielding to such challenges, Ryan Cole returned to fill the role of bass guitarist and Andy Thomas accepted the position of guitarist.

In January 2012, Nightfire premiered a music video for "Paths of the Formless" through Richolow Films, which was met with immensely positive feedback.

The band focuses on creating music from their own perspective that is technical, melodic, and brimming with ferocity, with a classical yet uniquely sophisticated framework. The lyrical content consists of everything the band is passionate about and varies from the literal to the abstract.

Nightfire and Ryan Cole parted ways spring 2012 and Nick Shaw stepped in to fill the bass guitar role. Nick Shaw, in turn, along with Andy Thomas, citing musical differences, left Nightfire January 2013. Since then, Ryan Cole rejoined the fold, and, as of May 2013 Rik Stelzpflug joined the band filling the role of second guitar player.
Nightfire is writing now, and will continue to book shows throughout the year.

Nightfire represents individuality, personal strength, and freedom - freedom of choice and freedom of thought!!

James Dorton: Vocals
Dan Reidinger: Guitar
Jesse Beahler: Drums
Ryan Cole: Bass Guitar
Rik Stelzpflug

Dark Waters End

Dark Waters End was formed in February 2001 as a basement band in Woodbury, NJ. Their music consists of an all-embracing range of metal styles. Not just death or thrash or hardcore, they consume a variety of approaches in creating a very dynamic and progressive sound. Their intricate resonance entangles it's audience into a brutal and melodic adventure with each song.

"Dark Waters End is like a hornet's nest meets heavy metal. What the metal doesn't get the hornets will. Their music is BIG, it flys at you like a swarm of yellow jackets bent on overwhelming you, and it will overwhelm you. There is so much of it you won't be able to resist."

Review by: Robert Metzgar Legends Hall of Fame, Capitol Managements Producer Of The Year


Alustrium is a five-piece death metal band from the suburbs of Philadelphia, PA. Originally formed in June of 2008, The band was originally known as Altered Image and included guitarists Chris Kelly and Mike DeMaria, bassist Brett Leftwich, drummer Joe Coates, and vocalist Greg Bono. As Altered Image began to make its impression on the local scene, the band received news that their beloved frontman, Greg had passed away. However, after weeks of grieving the loss of Greg, the band was soon joined by vocalist Jerry Martin, an event that soon signaled the need for a new name. Shortly after the name change drummer evan Berger joined the band. This lineup would continue on as they made their journey into the bright future ahead of them. Since then, Alustrium has shared the stage with numerous metal acts such as The Faceless, Suffocation, Fleshgod Apocalypse, and Decrepit Birth, and has recently signed to Toil Records. Their debut album, An Absence of Clarity dropped in June of 2011.

Born with Open Eyes

Delaware Death Metal feat:members of Nightshade (Bullet Tooth records)

$12.00 - $14.00


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