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Stable Hands

Stable Hands is a band as distinct as it is absolutely compelling. This Six-piece roots band with artistic, geographic, and spiritual roots in the rich and expansive Central Valley of California, offers what only the most polished song and wordsmiths ever really understand and only few among them ever actually master. Stable Hands consistently
delivers, gift wrapped in finely crafted songs and authentic intimations, a familiar part of ourselves – a part of ourselves we welcome like an old friend. The band accomplishes such a monumental feat, firstly, through an uncanny ability to relate to and convey the qualities that make us all human. Secondly, and perhaps, most evident at first pass, Stable Hands is comprised of a collection of top-shelf musicians as connected to their instruments as they are to themselves. The interplay of musical thought processes on display in Stable Hands' collection of work is like a dance in its grace, yet like a storm in its intensity. With memorable, bouncing dobro lines that etch their way into listeners' brains like a branding iron; the fluid – yet fragmented – banjo that hangs a backdrop of both unease and that unmistakable feeling of 'home'; steady and reliable bass lines providing the pathway between finely crafted musical moments; and a vocal delivery that shoves everything else out of listeners' minds as if nothing in the world could be more important than what is happening right now; Stables Hands has all the goods.
In the jarring track, "The Struggle for Little Bear" the band's deep vulnerability is on display. Stable Hands serves a tall helping of loss and love, convincing us it's ours to bear and to share. The entire EP screams power, empathy, and accessibility. Taken from the band's highly regarded performance at the legendary Hanford Fox Theatre, these recordings will put listeners in the room with one of the emerging bands of modern Americana. Stable Hands is currently performing aggressively across the West Coast.



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