La MiniTK Del Miedo, Minimal Band

La MiniTK Del Miedo

Born in the shadows of Bogotá, Colombia’s raw capital, La MiniTK del Miedo is an emerging band whose adn is also a mix of neotropical clichés, commonplace nu cumbia, house breaks, vicious shoegaze and industrial violence. A dramatical mix of funereal electronica, noise, existential psychedelia and overall: ritual dance.

Hailed by critics in celebrated blogs such as Sounds and Colours, Panamerika, Remezcla and Generation Bass, the “inventors of Gothic Cumbia”, as MTV Iggy baptized them, released their their first musical gospel Muerte y Sabrosura, with the blessing of the almighty father of experimental cumbia: the Danish Dick El Demasiado, special guest in the ceremony.

All though very few is known about them, some say that the commanders of this mission are, in reality, three mediums who, after being possessed by spirits of the underworld in an occult ritual gone wrong, spread within humanity a message of “Death and Flavor”.

From the heart of Colombia, the first manifestation of tropical goth has arrived.

"Bogotá's La MiniTK del Miedo invents 'cumbia gothica'. Sounds like David Bowie selling his soul to the devil on a dark night in coastal Colombia". // MTV Iggy


“La MiniTK’s music will be, if it already isn’t, the talk of Bogota and all nu cumbieros around the globe". // Nu cumbia Experience


"Cumbia’s evil brother has surfaced in the shape of Bogotá’s La MiniTK Del Miedo". // Sounds and Colours

Minimal Band

Minimal brings an eclectic and versatile mix of indie and alternative rock with electronic flirtations embodied in drum machines, sequencers and samplers. The band, described by the Miami New Times as “the tastiest bitter-sweet candy for fans of wall-flower angst electropop,” is an international project of musicians from Colombia, Peru, and Nicaragua who met in the U.S. but continue to produce and perform across international borders.

Minimal is set to release their third studio production, Antibalas Corazon, late in 2011, showcasing their most dynamic sound to date. The album, entirely produced by Minimal, contains six tracks mixed by multiple Grammy® Award winner Sebastian Krys, and three tracks mixed by long time band producer Dan Escauriza at Chicago’s renowned I.V. Lab Studios. Antibalas Corazon incorporates fast paced tempos and a wide variety of textures through the use of synthesizers, drum machines, samplers, and traditional indie-rock elements that characterize the band’s sound.

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