Jess Williamson

Austin musician Jess Williamson creates raw and intimate songs, rooted in a folk tradition and strengthened by her unique voice and poetic lyrics. Williamson primarily plays the banjo, employing a combination of three finger Earl Scruggs style, Pete Seeger style, and Claw Hammer. The result is a kaleidoscope of sound uniquely her own.

Known for bringing the room to a hush and audience members to tears, Jess Williamson is one of Austin’s top artists to watch in 2013. Williamson’s stripped down sound married with complex movements and time changes rewards attentive audiences with a rare and unforgettable moment.

“Jess Williamson’s performance last night confirmed we are in the presence of our time’s Melanie, our Karen Dalton, our Buffy Sainte-Marie. Each song was a direct, vulnerable strength. Space was another voice. I’m eager to hear this next record, but more than that, eager to see where Jess is seven years from now.” – Tiffanie Lanmon (drummer of Austin bands Mirror Travel and Boyfriend)

Colin Martin

Singer Songwriter KC area.

$5.00 - $7.00


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