Mitra Sumara

Mitra Sumara

Mitra Sumara is a super group of New York City musicians dedicated to the vibrant pop and funk music of 60s/70s Iran. This big-band of 8 members plays hits by Iran's beloved divas Googoosh, Pari Zangeneh, Parva, and intoxicating Bandari beat tunes by Zia Atabi.

The sound of pre-Revolutionary Iran mixes the beats of Fela Kuti, Salsa, and Disco; with Mid-East melodies, a cool LA breeze, and tragic poetry. Mitra Sumara captures all this and more. The band puts own spin on these infectious, funky, psychedelic tunes and plays new arrangements of traditional Iranian folk songs. Mitra Sumara brings on the hot Persian grooves with funky bass lines, deep interlocking percussion, and wailing brass to keep you dancing all night long!

Mitra Sumara is the creation of lead singer Yvette Perez who is half-Persian. The group features formidable musicians from all points of NYC's rock, jazz, and experimental music scenes.


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