John Stanton, Tom Carr, Megan Frances

John Stanton

John is a playwright as well as a song writer. He's Co-Artistic Director of Madhouse Theater Co in Phildelphia. John has been likened to his hero John Prine, with a bit of Dylan thrown in for good measure.

Tom Carr

A Radnor native, Tom, has been writing terrific original songs since his early years, which weren't that long ago as he's only 21. A Beatle fan and a folky, Tom creates a unique mix of styles in his songs: Acoustic Blues, Pop, and the long tradition of folk ballads.

Megan Frances

New to the song writing racket, Megan has been growing by leaps and bounds as a protege of local legend and Grammy Winner Scot Sax. Megan's songs are like a lovely combination of Emmy Lou Harris and Adele.

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