Pallbearer is a metal band from Central Arkansas, formed in 2008 after spending time playing in various bands around the Little Rock underground metal scene. Paying homage to doom metal of old while still looking wholly forward, the band built upon the underground success of their initial demo offering in 2010 and their debut full length "Sorrow and Extinction" was released in February, 2012 to virtually universal critical acclaim. Now the band slowly marches onward to deliver its progressively-tinged beautiful gloom on a global scale.

Ancient VVisdom

A dark, enlightening foresight into the future of humankind dictated by singer/songwriter Nathan Opposition.

Ancient VVisdom was founded in Austin, TX in late 2009 with the order consisting of Nathan Opposition , writer and vocalist, Justin "Ribs" Mason on acoustic guitar, and Nathan's brother, Michael on electric guitar.

In 2010, they recorded and released a split 12" EP with Charles Manson entitled "Inner Earth Inferno" (Withdrawal Records), which garnished praise from critics and cultists alike.

The band spent the rest of the year sharpening their blackened craft, using acoustic guitars to give the music an organic connection to the nefarious rites they beget. Writing well over an albums-worth of material, they chose the most appropriate songs for their debut LP " a godlike inferno" to record at The Bubble, a local, vvorld-renowned studio in Austin, TX. For the recording , they enlisted additional instrumentation by Alex Hughes (Hatred Surge, Iron Age) to play the bowed stand-up bass, Wade Allison (Iron Age) machete percussion and guest guitar lead on "lost civilization", Chase VVarlow on bamboo percussion and Jason Buntz (engineer and co-producer) on select guitar and synth.

Not unlike early death rock and neo-folkore sound, Ancient VVisdom incorporates electric guitar effects, synth sounds, vocal harmonies and abstract percussion to create a deeper, ethereal quality to their minimalist arranagements. Nathan's powerfully honest voice is complimented by lyrics ranging from mysteries of the occult, paganism, satanic philosophy, and forbidden knowledge.

Lord Earth

Lord Earth is a groovy, sludge doom instrument-switching duo from Portland ME. Formed in the winter of 2010, when Kyle Jongerden and Chris Gilman starting jamming together, the duo have spent the last year promoting their first full length LP "Napalm, Baby!", a self-released debut that's been awarded two thumbs up by Dispatch Magazine.
The duo has quickly built a reputation as a band that can successfully rock any venue to almost any audience. Blending influences of 70's psychedelia with stoner doom, adding a serious groove and focusing intensely on atmosphere, the duo have converted live audiences all across Northeast America and have sold albums as far away as Italy.
A large part of their appeal to a wide range of audiences is the band's ability to captivate a crowd with a minimal use of vocals, "the listener is left to ponder building speed-ups, furiously precise drumming, and thunderous chords pretty much on their own merits... there is some good if not amazing musicianship here (The Portland Phoenix)." Often songs will be different live than on recordings, as Gilman and Jongerden allow room for much improvisation during their set, ensuring their listener gets a different experience each time.
Live performances consist of what Heavy Metal Monday promotor VJ Foo has described as "two guys, a bunch of instruments and a BIG sound," and have continuously evolved as emerging new material allows the band to further improvise and rotate instrumentation. Above all, Lord Earth is definitely onto something entirely their own.
Lord Earth is currently working on self-recording and producing their second full length LP entitled "Hitchhikers" at their studio in southern Maine.

Saint James Society

Austin TX psychedelic garage rockers THE SAINT JAMES SOCIETY play electric rock music that brilliantly connects the dots between the late ‘60s British blues-based bands and the brooding atmospheres of early ‘80s post punk resulting in a hypnotically powerful sound the fabulous five-piece has coined "Pentecostal Desert Glam". The band fuses a "raw energy" sound with the pseudo-mysticism of The Doors and the guitar orchestrations of classic hard rock, skillfully synthesizing these musical touchstones to create their self titled debut EP. An energized recording bursting with a muscularity as fuzzy headed and adventurous as their off-stage exploits, the group’s darkly iridescent, kill-your-idols vibe is a fist-punching yelp of energy that demands to be heard at maximum volume. When the heavy swagger of vocalist/bassist Brandon Burkart aligns with the band's heavy-footed rhythms, ticking time-bomb beat and stunning twin vocal tandem of rebel queens Elza Burkart and Candice Bertalan, the resulting musical statement mainlines the thrill of defiance straight to the listener's heart. Placing their steps in the petrified footprints left by the Velvet Underground and the slightly fresher ones of Spacemen 3, THE SAINT JAMES SOCIETY reduces the blues to one nasty lick pickled in distortion. Meet your new favorite band.



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