Max Seidman, Jason Ager, Matt Gauss

Max Seidman

Formerly the youngest host of MilkBoy's famed Open Mic Night, Max Seidman's sound can be described as an effortless blend of his country heart with his city brain. Sounds impossible? It's not - his folk rock roots (Dylan, Springsteen, Van Morrison, etc.) twist together with his modern ear for more catchy, hook driven music and the result is charming, soulful and rustic. Max is truly a unique and talented act - one that you shouldn't pass on given the chance to see him live.

Jason Ager

Jason Ager is a blues-rock artist with hip-hop and R&B influences. Jason’s self-taught guitar style is distinguished by stylized palm muting and percussive striking. He has been playing original music since picking up the guitar, and has grown a loyal following in his hometown Philadelphia music scene. With moves to Washington, D.C. and now Baltimore, Jason is a staple in clubs from New York to Virginia. He leads a trio that moves audiences to the dance floor, and also performs upbeat acoustic music that tests the boundaries of the traditional singer-songwriter.

Matt Gauss

The Matt Gauss Band has been described as just regular guys playing regular music. But don't be fooled by the carefully constructed facade of humility, behind it lies treacherous ambition. They look to exploit the world's complacency towards mediocrity. They may not be good, but they're at least as terrible as all the other stuff you love. Just friends playing together for almost 4 years, they've honed their craft by accident.

$8.00 - $10.00


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