Ege was born in 1968 and grew up playing the Turkish ‘saz’. He released his first record at 26 and many years later, in 2010, after becoming one of the most loved artist in his home country, he released his latest record 'Suya Düşen Sesler'. Ever since he released his first record in 1994 Ege produced hits and classics that have been translated to 6 different languages. The warm tones and colors of his music gave him fans beyond the borders of Turkey which is why versions of his songs have been released in Arabic, Spanish, French, Bulgarian, Greek and Farsi.

Winds of Anatolia

Wind of Anatolia was founded in 2007, by musicians who felt the need for performing Turkish folk music where they live. Their goal was to reach for more discerning listeners. Wind of Anatolia has changed and transformed over the years and now includes both traditional, classical and popular music in its repertoire. Wind of Anatolia has been performing in various stages year round and is delighted to be sharing unforgettable moments with music lovers from all walks of life!


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