Resolute and The Martinez Brothers present: Mad Beats & Crazy Styles 03 at Output

Kim Ann Foxman

For the past few years Kim Ann Foxman has been brewing a cult club following across the globe; crisscrossing everywhere from Japan to Cologne and Chicago, she has established herself as one of the most sought after DJ's, and artists in the house scene. Splitting her time between her home in New York City's East Village and her globetrotting schedule she's released a single, Creature / What You Need, while her remixes bring her loyal dance followers to the floor, her infectious yet soulful DJ sets intoxicate dance floors everywhere. After collaborating with Hercules and Love Affair for 2 albums, she decided to part ways and focus on her own personal work proving the old saying that 'in order to skyrocket, you must let go'

Arthur's Landing

The latest incarnation of this band which performs the music of ARTHUR RUSSELL features three of the founding members MUSTAFA AHMED (percussion) STEVEN HALL (vocals/guitar) ELODIE LAUTEN (vocals/keyboards) plus new members ANNA CALLNER (cello) ZACH LAYTON (guitar) TAKEHIRO MATSUDA (bass) LIONEL RICE (drums)



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