In 2008, Alma Desnuda became a musical project— three best friends pouring their hearts out on stage at an open mic in Berkeley. The community rallied around us, giving their love and support, encouraging us to keep going. We made a recording of three songs with Tony on the upright bass. Wide eyed and bushy tailed, the four charged forward.

By 2012 we had achieved notable success. With multiple albums under our belt, we toured near and far with the reputation of one of the top bands in the Bay Area. But despite the success we had achieved, it still felt as though we were chasing an elusive dream. We reaffirmed that our success would not be measured by money alone, even though money was the symbol of a more prosperous life. We grounded once again in our mission to awaken souls and bring people into connection with their inner sense of self. It was a fearful time of self-doubt and resentment. It was a time of healing, of shedding layers of ego and self.

In 2013, when things finally felt that they were back on track, our founding member Paul abruptly left the band the night we recorded a live album in Berkeley. The initial shock was painful, but quickly the pain was tempered by faith and trust in our mission. Robin entered the picture. The future took new form. Our sound matured. Our resolve turned to steel.

LA GENTE is a San Francisco based, international recording group led by singer-songwriter Rafael Bustamante Sarria. The group has created their own unique blend of World Music, Cumbia, Reggae, Hip-Hop & Salsa. LA GENTE fuses together rhythms and cultural influences from all over the Caribbean with their distinct Bay Area flavor and style to create an infectious, high energy dance party. After years of touring and creating new music, LA GENTE has built a large and loyal following all over the US and the globe. The group’s most recent fourth album "Borderless" features special guest Deuce Eclipse of Bang Data and Zion-I. La Gente was founded in 2007, since then They have performed numerous festivals, universities, radio stations, museums, art galleries and major venues all over the US. For example: San Francisco, Los Angeles, New Orleans, Austin, Portland and New York. La Gente has also performed internationally in Spain, Italy, France, Great Britain, Mexico, Brazil, Chile, Nicaragua and most recently embarked on a month long tour of Colombia.

Their notoriety and showmanship had found them sharing the stage with other recognized recording artists, such as George Clinton and The P-Funk All Stars, E-40, La Santa Cecilia, Quantic, The Digital Underground, Hyro-Glyphics, Coolio, Digable Planets, Pato Banton, Lyrics Born, Pete Escovedo, and MALO.

Robin Applewood

Three time honorable mention on VH1's Song of the Year, Robin Applewood sees his music career as giving back. His songs tell a tale of Love and the struggle of everyday living, tempered with an "everything's gonna be alright" attitude. Such a positive vibe is combined with a healthy mixture of Rock, Reggae, Pop, Soul, Funk, Folk, Disco and Electronic music to offer an upbeat sound that appeals to a wide audience.

Robin, formerly known as Dogman Joe has now unleashed his third full length album "Struck By Lightning." This brand new electrified 15 song album is written, arranged, produced and performed by Robin himself and features collaborations with many of the Bay Area's hottest talents.

An active member in the Bay Area music community, Robin founded Bay Vibes - a trusted hub for favorite local musicians. Bay Vibes has produced over 350 live-music events, including 4 large Festival's and has been closely involved raising money for Cancer research, AIDS, Diabetes, Hurricane Katrina, and Surfrider Foundation. When Robin's
not putting on events, touring and recording, you may happen across him on a remote beach, or in a local joint sharing tales and music or catching the perfect wave in his beloved home town of San Francisco.

Sang Matiz

SANG MATIZ sounds like The Gypsy Kings and Jamiroquai had a baby in South America!

​Sang Matiz is starting the new year with an exotic mix of Afro-Brazilian/Peruvian rhythms fused with Funk & R&B in their first New Album. With amazing musicians from the Bay Area they have found their zone of high energy vibrant sounds from South America and the US; a contagious new Beat to waken your inner self exposing your deepest emotions.

Sang Matiz has come a long way perfecting a combination of styles that can only be described as Danceable, Catchy, Fast, Syncopated melodies with some Rap and Afro rhythms combined with flamenco style finger picking. They hail from Sonoma County back in 2008 making their way to San Francisco establishing a Fan Base of Americans and Latinos looking for a new edge in music. Sang Matiz's New CD Album is available now everywhere in the Country!!



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