Harmonious Wail

So who is Harmonious Wail?
They’re the kind of band that when staring in the face of death, pulls out a tube of fire engine red lipstick and draws on a passion-filled heart – or at the very least, creates a song with killer vocals! This is a band that's not only been known to run with their scissors, but they actually include them in their backbeat. Then there's the cardboard box percussion that
defies all logic, but works like it was born to be played. Lead singer Maggie Delaney-Potthoff will spur your imagination with the band's award-winning song, "I Like To Feel My Bones," which is the real-life product of twists and turns involving a rushing creek, tight concert scheduling and an overturned tour van carrying the members of the band. Go on. Find yourself feeling curiously lucky as you get blown away by this hard-charging, heart-pumping, eternally-uplifting quartet as they hit your town and leave convention in their wake. This is no ordinary band. Prepare to be Wailed.

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