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Teeko is a master turntablist, composer, producer, and cofounder of 4onefunk, ground breaking turn-table funk bands The Dollar Bin Quintet, 4onePhonics, Mugpush and F.A.M.E. (Fresh Analog Music Experience).

After receiving recognition and championship awards in worldwide DJ competitions (including DMC, ITF and Guitar Center Championships), he toured from coast to coast and collaborated with some of jazz's finest musicians: members of the Charlie Hunter Quartet and John Scofield Trio. Following an energetic performance in a San Francisco jazz club, audience member and legendary saxophonist Ravi Coltrane requested an encore performance. Teeko's performances are frequently met with such requests as his style is often described as truly original and refreshing, receiving high respects from the best in Hip-Hop, Jazz and everything in between. Teeko exhibits his mastery of turntable production in his debut album, "My SoundStation," (2006) which exposes his eclectic musical style and creativity as a composer. The widely anticipated album ranked number one on several of the College Music Journal's Top 10 lists for months after its release in fall 2006. He was recognized soon after the album's debut for his excellence in production with the Milestones Innovative Producer's Award given by the world-renowned
Berklee School of Music in Boston. He has most recently displayed his innovation and creativity as a collaborator on the development of the new Vestax turntable, the Controller One—the first turntable engineered to be a musical instrument.

"The most insane & creative turntablist I have ever worked with." - Mark Ronson

"Teeko is the funkiest most soulful turntabilist I have ever seen...From the cuts to the records he chooses...I had the opportunity to hang & DJ with him in the Bay Area...
It was definitely my pleasure." - DJ Jazzy Jeff

"He's one of a few people that's doing what I envisioned what the next step in turntable music would be. A true musician on the turntables as well as being a dope DJ. YouTube him and see what I'm talking about." - DJ Shortkut

Joe Mousepad

The who, the what, the where, the how, and the why.

WHO. Joey Mousepad is a musician, an artist, a philosopher and a student of life.

WHAT. Party rocking sounds, wide format digital printing, vinyl graphics, and rhythmic lyrics

WHERE. Joey Mousepad lives in San Francisco currently, but is a native of the east coast.

HOW. Joey Mousepad operates by pure brute strength. And a laptop.

WHY. Why not?

$5 - $10


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