Capital Moustache, Jon and the Jones, The Trophy Wives

Capital Moustache

Born out of the smoldering ashes of a thousand dying phoenixes, CAPITAL MOUSTACHE sauntered out of hiding sometime in early 2010 with a pocketful of songs and a collective mindset to get groover's hearts pumping so hard it would melt faces, shatter bones, and maybe make a few people dance here and there.

Jon and the Jones

Formed in Summer, 2012, and already signed to Big House Music Publishing, this rock trio carves its own path in sound, style, dynamics and flow.

Led by Jon Moodie, whose distinctive raspy voice has drawn critical acclaim, the band brings the best of 60's/70's rock into a contemporary style unprecedented. Helen Destroy sits on the drummer throne, having spent years touring and recording as drummer for Lez Zeppelin, and utilizes her classical training and even back-up vocals to bring the bottom to new heights. Brian Stanley, bassist, has numerous professional credits including playing live with The Kinks, and has appeared on recordings with everyone from The Beach Boys to The Waterboys, and has recorded and toured nationally and internationally with Bryan Adams and Garland Jeffreys.

Working on a full album for release Q2 2013, this ecclectic band embodies its cross-generational, cross-genre capability and quietly builds an explosive debut. Friends here will be invited to intimate showcases and pop-up shows...the only way to get to know them before debut.

The Trophy Wives

Brianna McGurran and Chris Byrum had talked about starting a band together for nearly 10 years before The Trophy Wives came together last summer. As high school sophomores, they performed together once at their school's Students for a Free Tibet concert, but college and jobs on separate coasts made the reality of a band impossible. They kept the dream alive, and finally, finding themselves both in New York City in June 2012, Brianna and Chris asked their friends Noah Pentelovitch and Chris Patota to lend their drum and bass talents to the lineup. Thus The Trophy Wives were born.

$8.00 - $10.00


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