Mother Falcon

Mother Falcon

Mother Falcon is an orchestral indie band born in Austin, Texas that has quickly become an award winning recording act and a top concert draw, performing in rock clubs while maintaining a presence in the performing arts scene scoring plays and films.

The group began to coalesce around multi-instrumentalist and composer Nick Gregg while the members were still teenagers, coming together via orchestral and chamber music classes. Composing as a collective, the 18 piece ensemble includes several multi-instrumentalists and most of the players contribute vocals. Guitarist/pianist Claire Puckett, accordionist/pianist Tamir Kalifa and percussionist/saxophonist Issac Winburne form the creative core along with Nick Gregg, though all members contribute musically.

Still Life, the debut EP, was released in early 2010 and spawned the local hit "Marigold."

Sonny Pete

Sonny Pete shares his brand of dark and whimsical Americana with his debut album, Where the Shadows Pass (Odes to Death & Transience).

The Visibles

Through the San Francisco fog, across the Golden Gate, and through a rainbow tunnel, amid the land of redwood forests and nuclear-free zones, lies a small, dark studio where The Visibles wrote and recorded their self-titled debut album. Over a year in the making, The Visibles presents layers upon layers of psychedelic imagery piled up like a Dylan-esque acid trip (if Bobby wrote more songs about girls, anyway). Singer-songwriter Justin Goldman offers painful autobiographical confessions one moment, then builds up a wall of opaque, and often complicated, metaphors the next. His remarkable singing voice, often drawing comparisons to Bowie and Lennon, stands out among the anonymous, verb-drenched shoegazers that populate the current landscape. The rest of the group is comprised of Pascal Garneau, who produced the album as well as serving as guitarist in the band, Robert Jakubs (drummer), and Dashiell Worfolk (keyboards), and Mike Alexis (bass).

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