The Invisible World

In this world we are given the things that are visible, but we must examine much closer to understand The Invisible World.

from the start; the members of the Invisible World were drawn together out a mutual respect for the power of sound. That relationship grew into a broad expression of creative potential at a very early age. Formerly known as "A Dead Giveaway", this group of young musicians have developed a style that encompasses influences from every sense.

The Invisible World is known only through experience, we can not see it, we can not touch it, but it is present in all that we do. It could be equated that the music of our instruments, is the formation of our souls into sound. That is why, The Invisible World is a part of all that we do.

Artists We Also Like:
Jesse Lacey, brand new, blind pilot, fleet foxes, neutral milk hotel, band of horses......

Jake Briscoe

Singer and guitarist for The Paperclips.

Eric Murphy

Singer guitarist of the band Son's of Great Dane from Kansas City,MO



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