HYDROPHONIC is a psychedelic hard rock band featuring Corey Largent (lead guitar/vocals), Sam Lowther (rhythm guitar, backup vocals), Zack Newman (bass guitar) and Shawn Stein (drums). The four San Francisco natives grew up together and developed a fondness for creating face-melting progressive hard rock that draws inspiration from the human condition, local landscape and the fantastical.
Answering the call to arms for authentic heavy music, the four have summoned the beast of rock and are ready unleash their potent fury upon the unwashed masses. Upon the independent release of their EP 'Beached' and single, 'Friends Like These' they have been gaining a reputation for driving alternative-metal in the Bay Area.

Soule Faction

Soule Faction, an up and coming reggae group from the Bay Area. The band's core members started just as a trio and has now expanded into a frenzy of musicians that seek to achieve a diverse sound. Soule Faction has vision to find their place in the local reggae community.


Overland is a blues rock based group from the Bay Area. Ranging from various styles of Rock 'n' Roll, Overland provides a solid groove and drive.

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