Tad Kent, Fox & Woman, Jeffrey Yaws, and Before Perils

Tad Kent

Folk Artist based in Fresno, California.
"If your heart beats blue, lover I'll still sing true."

Fox & Woman

Fox & Woman was born out of a poetry community in the Mission and a striving to create pleasing sounds that stretch and tear at the shortcomings in pop music. "Despite the fact that there are only 5 members to Fox & Woman, they seem to extend beyond their corporal borders, and produce a sound more reminiscent of a 15-20 person ensemble. Their inventive & bold orchestration, combined with their poetically penned Tragedy & Revelry, is sung exquisitely in both English & Portuguese. Through bilingual lyric & music they conjure within the ear a symphonic marriage, between worlds far too familiar, and pleasingly yet unexplored." --Viracocha

Jeffrey Yaws

"I'm an acoustic musician out of hanford. Bands that Inspire me would be..City and Colour, Damien Rice, Justin Nozuka, John Mayer, Amos Lee, Lumineers, Of monsters and Men, Mumford and Sons,Bob Dylan, Jeff Buckley,James Morrison,Citezen Cope..I write music for a lot of reasons..To express myself or how I'm feeling,to feed my creative desires, to pass time...I know, at the end of the day,It's what I love to do." -Jeffrey Yaws

Before Perils

Together this band has given birth to a new sound of originality, they take Acoustic Music to a new realm, cross-fusion styles of all 4 members mold into a refined, mature sound of beauty, yet beastly power! Jon and Ben have been in a Heavy rock project with Edson Lopez on Drum Kit, called God's and King's and Lianna is a gentle being from a classical background...Together they are a group to be reckoned with.
They shall be heard!...one song can be caressing and light, yet have you floating in your inner dreams, and another as powerful
as the strongest storm on the sea's ..."Before Perils "...very excellent mood music for your Heart, Mind, Body and Soul...
Come check them out at a venue near you , rest assured, when you do, you WILL be back to see them again and again....

$6.00 - $8.00


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