Last Chance to Reason

Last Chance to Reason

Since 2005, Maine's Last Chance to Reason has been an ever-evolving musical force with one goal: to make challenging progressive music that moves people. After 2 releases and countless diy tours, Last Chance to Reason has completed their most ambitious work to date, their Prosthetic Records debut "Level 2." Teaming up with producer Jamie King (Between the Buried and Me, The Human Abstract), the band set out to create a modern take on the classic progressive concept album. Drawing influence from 70's prog of King Crimson and Yes, composers Steve Reich and Schoenberg as well as prog-metal masters Opeth, Dream Theater and Cynic, LCTR's "Level 2" takes the band in awe-inspiring new directions. Set in a Tron-like virtual world, the album's concept revolves around the relationship between man and technology, our move to from physical reality to virtual spaces and what these changes mean to our lives and our art. The lyrics are expressed from the point of view of an artificial intelligence facing the violent reality of a videogame world. Not content to simply release the piece as a musical endeavor, LCTR has teamed up with acclaimed indie developer Tom Vine and pixel artist Francis Coulombe to create a fully interactive version of the album in which the story unfolds through LCTR's thematic riffs, stirring vocal hooks and progressive virtuosity while the player blasts his way through viscous gameplay inspired by classics such as R-Type, Contra, and Super Metroid.

Evan Brewer

I'm a really regular person who loves playing music. I use a bass guitar as my preferred tool to create. I have 4 cats and an awesome wife. I also play in a band called The Faceless. I have another project called Climaxes that has yet to be released. I'm always looking for new, exciting, musical opportunities so please feel free to reach out!

Ever Forthright

"Ever Forthright is a progressive metal band from one of the most musically diverse places in the world, New York City. Artfully fusing modern jazz, progressive metal, hip-hop, electronica, and other styles of music into an auditory landscape is one of the reasons why Ever Forthright are quickly becoming known as true architects of modern music.Most of the members have attended and/or graduated from some of the top jazz performance schools in the world. A wide range of musicians/groups fuel this bands sound, such as Meshuggah, Kneebody, Cynic, Deftones, Wayne Krantz, Suicide Silence, Jill Scott, Kurt Rosenwinkel, and many others. No filler, no rehashed riffs, just pure, original music.

Shortly after their debut release, Ever Forthright gained a solid, ever-growing fanbase and were instantly known as masters of their genre. Fans instantly recognized their natural ability to blend a wide range of styles and concoct an amazing display of technical genius that set them apart from all others.

Ever Forthright is currently endorsed by Toontrack, Skerversen, Mayones, and bosphorus."

Dissonance In Design

Dissonance in Design continues to spurn musical trends and mainstream (metal) monotony by carving an ambitious and
diligent path toward progressive metal's ethereal quadrant.

Recent additions to the band, Vance Valenzuela/guitar and Stevie Boiser/vocals (both of technical death metal powerhouse Veil of Pnath),
as well as bassist Nema Sobhani (an accomplished guitarist/songwriter in his own rite) have enabled the creative/songwriting process to
obliterate any perceived boundaries, and inject ideas from the entire musical spectrum. Those bursts of ingenuity can be attributed to bands
like Between the Buried and Me, The Faceless, Veil of Maya, Misery Signals, Chon, Last Chance to Reason, The Human Abstract, and many others.

The end result is an original and eclectic mix of sonic backwash that transcends genres with visceral themes, and will challenge one's very existence.
Dissonance in Design's full-length concept record, Sentient (produced/engineered by metal luminary Dave Otero) will be released in October, 2013.

$8.00 - $10.00


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