Hidden Pictures

Hidden Pictures

Released July 2012 on newly minted Kansas City label Golden Sound Records, Hidden Pictures’ third LP Rainbow Records is a festival of open-window jams and summery anthems that finds the band hitting a high-spirited, fresh, and powerpop-inflected stride.

The distinctive chemistry of Richard Gintowt and Michelle Sanders is still the heart of Hidden Pictures’ songcraft, but Rainbow Records benefits from the added rhythmic firepower of drummer Cameron Hawk (better known as the reckless frontman of The Dead Girls) and bassist Erik Voeks (also a first-order songwriter in his own right). The whole mess was mixed to a sonically perfect wonderstew by Ed Rose, man-at-knobs for celebrated popsters like the Get Up Kids and Ultimate Fakebook.

While all of Richard’s shrugging romanticism is still intact, Rainbow Records touches on a new theme: the bittersweet decline of the music industry. “Calling Christine” salutes an aging partygirl who gets drunk and dances to ‘80s music to the chagrin of lookers-on. “Solo Record Shop” is an elegy to once-great songwriters who have lost their touch. “Oldies 104.3” lambastes the oldies format for becoming watered down with bloated ‘70s megahits. “Rainbow Records” contemplates the death of the CD while paying homage to the suburban Chicago record store Richard frequented as a teenager.

Most importantly, Rainbow Records is a heartening, sophisticated, and riotously fun record from a band that has consistently demonstrated a knack for perfect pop portraiture.

Emily Bell

Described as a cross between a sophisticated pop songbird, a soulful girl-glam tigress and a sexy, strutting rocker - equal parts Debbie Harry, Diana Ross and Mick Jagger, Bell's contagious live performances are the buzz about town. Her debut album In Technicolor will be in stores and online on May 28, 2013 with an exclusive pre-release at Austin's Waterloo Records on May 23. From lyrics you just can't get out of your head and a raw and authentic stage presence to her old-school sensibilities and timeless, multi-dimensional voice, Bell delivers on absolutely every level. Texas Americana great Hayes Carll says: "Emily Bell will knock you down, then lick your wounds, burn up the stage and leave you begging for more." Nakia, a fellow Austin-based artist and semifinalist on "The Voice," raves: "After seeing Emily Bell live I felt that she must be possessed by a raw electric demon singing with the voice of a heartbroken, fallen angel. I was immediately addicted and ready for my next fix."
Combining equal parts soul and rock 'n' roll, Bell's full-length album was produced by roots rocker John Evans and recorded in a remote lake house in the middle of Texas. The result is an album of one-of-a-kind gems co-written by Bell and Evans. In Technicolor's first single, "Back to the Way I Was," is Bell's return to her roots and the beloved music that filled her youth. "Emily wrote for years in Raphael Saadiq's studio in Burbank, Calif., before I found her," Evans says. "It was obvious she was no newcomer to pen and paper; the songs we were writing together had teeth." Desiring to eschew safety and instead capture the songs' energy, Bell and Evans decided to bring in Grammy-winning engineer Steve Christensen to complete the studio team.
The track "Hey Baby" has been selected for the Austin Convention and Visitors Bureau compilation CD Austin Music Volume 12, also being released this month. "We're thrilled to feature Emily Bell on our annual compilation," said Amanda Garcia, music industry manager for the Austin Convention & Visitors Bureau. "The moment we heard her record and saw her perform live we knew she was someone we wanted to share with our visitors from around the world. You just can't get her out of your head!"

Storm Circus

Kansas City, MO based folk duo following in the footsteps of The Civil Wars, Bon Iver and Dashboard Confessional. All the while charging forward with a new sound and a new wave of music.



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