Palace plays like an indie band on their way to Broadway. With post-angst four-part harmonies and themed live shows, the St. Louis locals energetically perform pop somewhere in between Queen and Fun.

Spirit Is The Spirit

Kansas natives Spirit is the Spirit consist of five multi-instrumentalist songwriters bound by ambitions of auditory exploration. They embrace the tension between their love of lush, pastoral arrangements, tender-hearted sing-alongs, and an insatiable urge to build walls of soaring, gorgeous noise. Having grown up in an era when “alternative” was mainstream and conventional rock music was being picked apart and reworked in every conceivable direction, the band draws equally from the past century’s forebears of popular music and today’s lack of consensus about what’s acceptable from a rock band. Rooted in a dynamic rhythmic texture, Spirit is the Spirit incorporates unique elements that collectively construct an easy to digest, yet highly intelligent structure of soundscapes, harmonies and rhythms.



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