Hugh Cornwell

Hugh Cornwell

Hugh Cornwell is one of the UK's finest songwriting talents and accomplished live performers. The original guitarist, singer and main songwriter in the British rock band The Stranglers, he’s enjoyed massive UK and European success with 10 hit albums and 21 Top Forty singles, etching himself into the UK and Europe's musical psyche with classic songs, including Peaches, No More Heroes, Golden Brown, Always the Sun, Grip, Nice N Sleazy, Duchess and Skin Deep.

Cornwell’s last studio album, the critically acclaimed Hooverdam, produced and mixed by Grammy award winner Liam Watson, is available as a free download from this website.

Following rave reviews in the UK, Hugh Cornwell’s new studio album TOTEM AND TABOO is set to be released in the US on June 25th, via Red River Entertainment and through Red/SONY Distribution. Recorded at Electrical Audio Studios in Chicago, the album was engineered and mixed by the legendary Steve Albini.

In support of the album, Hugh will perform US dates in October and December 2013 and will feature the new songs, as well as classic Stranglers material.

"His gnarliest record in over 30 years....Hugh and Steve: a marriage madeinblack."

“Thanks to a gloriously raw and vibrant sound, courtesy of the ever reliable Steve Albini, Cornwell’s endearingly sardonic observations on freedom, consumerism and Madonna Louise Ciccone crackle with energy. He sounds more engaged and intense than he has in years.

It ends with the menacing sprawl of In The Dead Of Night Cornwell’s finest and most unashamedly epic moment since the Punk Era”

Temperance League

If a Temperance League show doesn't end with the singer swinging from a rafter, table-walking through the bar, or drenched in sweat and geysers of cheap beer, you could well be at some other band's show. Led by 39-year-old Charlotte native Bruce Hazel, Temperance League has been overturning the old-guys-can't-rock notion since solidifying as a quintet two years ago. They're doing so at a pace that should shame many younger acts, kicking out blitzkrieg jams on a relentless basis.

The band's initial singles—released through their own Like, Wow label—are culled from 2010 sessions done with Mitch Easter at his Fidelitorium. The songs channel the band's forebears, including fiery elements of the MC5, Ramones, Springsteen and even the Byrds, all in a vintage-sounding blend of swagger and catharsis. But what sounds raw and feral belies the craftsmanship that's gone into these tracks. The two-guitar attack of Shawn Lynch and Chad Wilson tears through muscular rhythms delivered by drummer David Kim. Hazel, meanwhile, shouts out common-man aphorisms and left-leaning agit-prop like the possessed offspring of Strummer and The Boss. Decades spent slugging it out in the service industry provides him with plenty of narrative vigor and vitriol.

As energized as the singles sound, it's live that the Temperance League really plugs into its strengths. The live chops are formidable, having been honed in some of the Queen City's best bands of recent years, including Lou Ford, Benji Hughes, Les Dirt Clods, the Fence Lions and Buschovski, among others. It's a veteran lineup, in other words, playing music we traditionally associate with younger generations. But while youthful rockers find punk energy and inspiration in the hunger to make their mark, this band is powered by something maybe even more urgent—the ticking clock. —John Schacht


Sprouted from solo project remains, boredom, and strong desires to perform at proms and birthday parties...

Blossoms are a quartet from Charlotte, NC and have played shows and/or won the affection of:

Youth Lagoon, Brain f#, Lonnie Walker, Quiet Hooves, Future Islands, Bubbly Mommy Gun, The Curious Mystery, tonstartsbandht, The Hive Dwellers, Still Corners, Paint Fumes, Human Pippi Armstrong, Ed Schraders Music Beat, Joan of Arc, Naked Gods, Eternal Summers, Brilliant Colours, The Beets, Yardwork



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