Good Men And Thorough (Album Release)

Good Men And Thorough

Seattle based group “Good Men & Thorough”; No gimmicks, no frills, just pure, simple energy.

Imagine if Lead Belly had a baby with Elvis and then Grunge raised it in the red house that Hendrix built… That is the Good Men. Hailing from the city that grunge built, this group is on a mission from God; to reinstate Rock and Roll in its purest and most unaltered form. Originally the members Reilly Whiting (guitar and vocals), Chris Lee (A.K.A. Chree - Drums) and Jason Thorning (Bass) met in High School but destiny wouldn't bring them together until years later.
After playing gigs around the Seattle area and collecting a fairly sizable song range, GM&T, set off to the Studio under the Wing of Don Gunn and Chris Walla (Death Cab For Cutie) at the newly refurbished Hall of Justice Studios in Fremont, to record their debut album “How the Vest Was Won”. Bluesy grunge riffs, crunchy mellow rock ballads, Fuzzy Wah-Guitars; This album offers the listener a unique band experience with a catalogue of different musical genres. They describe their song writing process as “Like a box of chocolates”, drawing influence from Nirvana, Hendrix, Sublime, Johnny Cash, Pixies, Iggy Pop, Sam Cooke, and a host of others.

Metameric is a four-piece modern rock band from Seattle formed in 2011 by Kris Darr (vocals/bass), Michael Cotta (drums), Alex Smolin (guitar/vocals), and Robert Reis (guitar). With influences ranging from classic prog rock to modern post-metal, Metameric has crafted an eclectic sound characterized by big down-tuned guitar riffs, hypnotizing melodies, and deceptively progressive grooves.


Honeybear is Seattle based, female fronted, five piece that has taken the sum of their musical influences and molded them into something of their own. From their melodic pop harmonies to the twang inspired hooks: their presence and sound musicianship should not be overlooked.

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