Robots and Ravel featuring: Serotonin

From Chicago, IL, Serotonin is the project of the Alex MacPhail. Beginning his venture into the electronic music world in 2010, he has progressed to being a musician with a unique style and high production quality. Their music is led by hard hitting drums, heavy futuristic synths, climactic builds, and rattling melodic drops. He has been playing clubs in Chicago and it is only a matter of time until he presents himself to large audiences across the world. His music is not specified by one sub-genre of the EDM scene, it varies from both sides of the spectrum and anything in-between, from moombahton grooves, to brutal dubstep, and euphoric house melodies that will leave fans begging for more.



Jackie & Ronen

Classical piano / electronic experimentation / sequencers / keys with fx. Sometimes visuals.



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